GLO Recording Session, London (11 May 2000)
Last modified: 11 May 2000

Venue: London
Author: Mark Spiers
Date: 11 May 2000

If you didn't go to the recording session for Glo, all I can say is that you missed out on the event of the year (well I think so)! We were all waiting outside an hour longer then expected, which was getting us all a little bit frustrated. But as soon as we were in the recording studio, things rapidly changed (for the better)! Martin was there, greeting us along side Stu G. Martin said a prayer before we all burst into action, he mentioned he doesn't normally pray before a gig. But it wasn't a Gig, like how often do you get to stand by Martin and Stu G at a gig, (as I was right at the front the one in the blue D? T-shirt)! We had a bit of a warm up, just to make sure we were all in singing tone. We sang the chorus on the first song, which was lit on the wall by a transparency machine. I thought it couldn't get any better, but the best was yet to come. In between all the bits of songs we sung, we all had a mad tendency to clap, (I don't think even a football match sounded louder)! The bloke who got us to sing in time, he was pretty impressed with our keeping in good tune and timing throughout the recording session. Even I was a bit surprised how well it went. Sadly I missed out on joining in with singing the last chorus on the last song, as I had a tube train to catch. But I did get to keep one of the transparencies, for the NEW song AWAKEN THE DAWN (thanks for that Martin)!
That's all I'm letting slip about the new album!
But believe me its their best album yet!

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