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Concert Reviews
Kingdom Of Comfort UK Tour - Southampton Guildhall (14 Oct 2008)
Last modified: 14 Oct 2008

Venue: Southampton Guildhall
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 14 Oct 2008

The Southampton Guildhall is an historic venue in the world of Delirious. Some 11 years ago the band recorded the 'd:Tour Live' album in this venue, along with the live footage used in their first ever video release, 'View From The Terraces'. A decade on they have clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles in their quest to take the music around the world. But as the doors opened up in Southampton for their Kingdom Of Comfort UK Tour, fans flooded in, still as eager as ever to see what Delirious? had in store. Now in the twilight of their career, Delirious? are as a popular as ever, if the 'sold out' sign on the door was anything to go by.

As the lights came up at the start of the show, the figure of Martin Smith, wearing robe and crown, could be seen sat in a large arm chair in the middle of the stage. A standard lamp shone brightly next to him. As Martin sung the opening lines of Kingdom Of Comfort, Stu G could also be seen on stage, guitar working over time from the outset, and the concert was in full swing.

Without pausing for breath, God Is Smiling and then My Glorious quickly followed, in a flurry of screaming guitars and energetic drums. Rain Down was the next song to test the crowd's stamina, and the pogoing and singing that ensued made it clear that the fans present this evening were ready to rock the night away.

The forthcoming single, Love Will Find A Way, wowed the crowd next, before Bliss came charging along like a raucous child. Sensing the need to ease the boisterous opening run of songs, Delirious? endeavored to bring a calmer atmosphere with the superb All God's Children and equally stunning How Sweet The Name.

History Maker signified Martin's opportunity to get amongst the people, as he clambered onto the shoulders of the crowd. Admitting that his son was present tonight, Martin turned father figure and advised people not to try this at home. As he struggled back on to stage, Break The Silence continued the set. Next it was Stu G's turn to say a few words to the crowd. Turning PR man, he talked the fans through ordering the new single via their mobile phones.

With its acoustic style opening of just Martin and his guitar, Eagle Rider started quietly before building into a full on epic as the rest of the band joined in. A couple of older songs were lined up next, with first Deeper then Jesus Blood receiving warm receptions from the crowd. Jon's bass was never more evident than in the latter, booming out magnificently. As Majesty came along a sense of worship descending on the venue, and with its extended ending the atmosphere lingered, tingling stunningly as the band became lost in the music.

Paint The Town Red brought the set to a close, but no sooner had the lights gone down than Delirious? were back on stage. This time Martin's microphone stand had been replaced with a shopping trolley as the encore began with Stare The Monster Down. Stu G's guitar work was breath taking, and his distorted vocals for the line 'Devil you're not gonna win' were simply brilliant. My Soul Sings was the final song of the night, and suddenly the shopping trolley in front of Martin glowed brightly as a string of lights along its sides were switched on.

The crowd had witnessed a vintage Delirious? performance. The d:Tour days might be a distant memory, but the passion remains.

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