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Concert Reviews
Kingdom Of Comfort UK Tour - Concorde2 Brighton (10 Oct 2008)
Last modified: 10 Oct 2008

Venue: Concorde2 Brighton
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 10 Oct 2008

Six months on from the release of the album 'Kingdom Of Comfort' and it seems Delirious' whole world has turned upside down. First their was the decision by drummer Stew to leave the band, and then just as people were coming to terms with that news, the rest of the band announced that they too would be calling it a day at the end of 2009. So when Delirious? turned up in Brighton for the opening night of their UK Tour, an air of uncertainty floated in with the crowd. For many this could be a final opportunity to see one of the UK's most successful Christian bands in their natural habitat - live on a stage in front of an enthusiastic bunch of fans.

Short of being on the beach itself, the Concorde2 in Brighton couldn't be closer to the sea if it tried. This tiny, compact bar turned club turned music venue, was crammed full of people standing shoulder to shoulder from one end of the other by the time support act Tree63 arrived confidently on stage. And why not be confident with an impressive back catalogue that was evidentially more than a tiny bit familiar to many in the crowd. Their sing-along set proved highly popular, as did their rocked up Amazing Grace finale.

As the fans settled down for the main event, they must have wondered what affect the bands recent decisions would have on the evenings proceedings. Any worries were quickly put to bed as Delirious? arrived on stage, sporting matching grey suits and white shirts, to put their feet firmly on the music throttle. First up was God Is Smiling. Martin, with the word 'komfort' stenciled on his back, was somewhat bizarrely using a shopping trolley mic stand which he later confessed he wasn't quite sure about. "Shopping for Jesus" he joked.

Oldie, Gods Romance, was pumped out next, before the band came back up to date with Give What You've Got from their latest album. Martin then introduced a song that was also originally destined for that album, but never made the final cut. Hallelujah, on its first outing in the UK, was deeply appreciated by a smitten crowd.

Grabbing a megaphone and launching into the lyrics of Bliss, Martin was quickly highlighted on stage by a flashing strobe light, as Stu G's guitar rammed into gear leaving the crowd to cling on for dear life. In the back corner of the stage the bands recent addition on drums, Paul Evans, pounded away much like his predecessor with an unquestionable vigor and skill.

Delirious? had a surprising announcement to make next as Martin explained that Love Will Find A Way would be released as a single. As the stunning guitar riffs rang out, you could practically see fan after fan deciding there and then to help Delirious? make one final push at the charts. All God's Children wowed the crowd next, followed by How Sweet The Name, heavily laced with Tim's exquisite notes from a white painted piano.

History Maker never fails to get a crowd moving and tonight was no exception. Jon's bass thundered out, matched by crashing drums and screaming guitars. Mid way through the song Martin stopped to make a poignant statement. "I'd like to dedicate this song" he said, "to a very special man who traveled the world with us, Mr Stewart Smith, who I believe is here tonight." The warmth of the applause that followed spoke volumes. Later in the song a comedy routine occurred as Martin accidentally stood on Jon's pedals. "Without bass in this world it would be terrible, it would be a bass-less world" he quipped. "It would be top heavy wouldn't it", remarked Stu.

Back to business and Break The Silence came next. In the lull between songs the inevitable call for Happy Song came from the crowd. Another voice shouted out for Rain Down. "Both? At the same time?" joked Stu, before managing a brief montage of the two tracks. "Lets move on" urged Martin. And on they went into Eagle Rider, quickly followed by Deeper. Another long lost friend in the shape of Jesus Blood came next, with an interlude of King or Cripple in the middle. Then the crowd turned vocalists for Majesty and the contrasting Paint The Town Red.

Delirious? left the stage, before returning for title track Kingdom Of Comfort. Martin wore a special crown throughout the song, and the songs passion was equaled by some of his finest vocals of the night. Ending with the beautiful My Soul Sings, Delirious? brought their opening night to a close. It seems unthinkable that this band won't be around after the end of next year. Lets just hope they manage to squeeze every last drop of energy into their remaining shows, as they clearly still have so much to offer their fans.

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