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Released: 29 Jul 2000 UK, 10 Oct 2000 US

Highest Chart Position: N/A

Catalogue: FURYCD3

Format: CD

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Notes: The US version of this album has different artwork (see below) but the same tracklisting.

  1. God You Are My God
  2. Glo In The Dark Pt 1*
  3. God's Romance
  4. Investigate
  5. Glo In The Dark Pt 2*
  6. What Would I Have Done?
  7. My Glorious
  8. Everything
  9. Hang On To You
  10. Intimate Stranger
  11. Awaken The Dawn
  12. Glo In The Dark Pt 3*
  13. The Years Go By
  14. Jesus Blood
  15. Glo In The Dark Pt 4*
* Spontaneous Parts

All songs written by Smith/Garrard ©2000 Curious? Music UK
Produced by Tedd Tjornhom and Delirious? Mixed by Charles Zwicky at Jacobs Studios, Dippenhall UK. Recorded by Charles Zwicky at Clarion Studios (Brighton), Ford Lane Studios (Ford), Westside Studios (London), Antenna Studios (Nashville, TN). Monks on 'God You Are My God' recorded by Paul Burton & Tim Jupp at Ampleforth Abbey, Yorkshire. Vocals on 'What Would I Have Done' recorded in the garden at Jacobs Studios. Additional recording by Tedd Tjornhom and Martin Smith. Mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road Studios, London. Photography by Mitch Jenkins (Impresaria) and Andy Hutch. Stylist: Catherine Hughes. Choir: The Grant Choir. Crowd Singing: 150 d:fans. Vocal effects on 'God You Are My God' by Anna Smith
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