Cutting Edge
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Cutting Edge
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Released: 1994-1995 UK, 1998 US

Highest Chart Position: N/A

Catalogue: SNIPCD1, SNIPCD2

Format: CD

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Notes: Originally released as 4 individual cassettes, Cutting Edge 1, Cutting Edge 2, Cutting Edge 3: Red Tape and Cutting Edge Fore. Then it was released as two individual CDs, Cutting Edge 1&2 and Cutting Edge 3&4 in special cardboard cases. The two CDs were later given new artwork. In 1998 the albums were released in the US as one double-CD simply called 'Cutting Edge' using the artwork shown right. More recently the albums were released as a double-CD 'fuse box' in the UK, and later still a second edition of the 'fuse box' was released with different artwork.

Cutting Edge 1&2:
  1. Message Of The Cross
  2. Singers Song
  3. Lord You Have My Heart
  4. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  5. The Crucible For Silver
  6. Thank You For Saving Me
  7. The Happy Song
  8. Prophet Song
  9. King Of Love
  10. Coming Back
  11. Lead Me
  12. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Cutting Edge 3&Fore:
  1. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
  2. I've Found Jesus
  3. Oh Lead Me
  4. Shaken Up
  5. I'm Not Ashamed
  6. Find Me In The River
  7. Louder Than The Radio
  8. You Split The Earth
  9. When All Around Has Fallen
  10. I've Searched For Gold
  11. Shout To The North
  12. All I Want Is You
  13. Obsession

All songs written by Smith/Garrard �1993-1995 Curious? Music UK
Produced by Andy Piercy. Recorded and mixed at West Park Studios, Littlehampton. Compiled by Paul Burton at West Park Digital Editing. Mastered by Dennis Blackham at Porky's, London. Original cover design by Stewart Smith Design. Live sound by Paul Burton. Bass by Les Driscoll, Jim Bryan and Dudley Philips. Additional vocals by Jussy Mclean, Jenny Legg, Helen Burgess, Vanessa Gibbs and Andy Piercy. Programming on 'Louder than the radio' by Mark Edwards. The choir on 'Shout to the North' are the pupils of Littlehampton Community School.
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