Live & In The Can
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Live & In The Can
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Released: 01 Dec 1996 UK, 03 Nov 1998 US

Highest Chart Position: N/A

Catalogue: LIVECD1

Format: CD

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Notes: This album was originally released in a round tin can. Later versions were released in a standard CD jewel case.

  1. (pt1)*
  2. I'm Not Ashamed
  3. Did You Feel The Mountains
  4. (pt2)*
  5. Oh Lead Me
  6. Obsession
  7. (pt3)*
  8. (pt4)*
  9. Come Like You Promise
  10. (pt5)*
  11. (pt6)*
  12. What A Friend I've Found
  13. (pt7)*
  14. I've Found Jesus
  15. (pt8)*
  16. Lord's Prayer
  17. (pt9)*
* Taking it wherever it goes spontaneous section.

All songs written by Smith/Garrard �1995-1996 Curious? Music UK
Recorded live at different gigs between January & August 1996. Some versions come packed in an exclusive tin can for freshness. Live sound and editing by Paul Burton (Ground Zero). Produced and mixed by Delirious? Mastered by Dennis Blackham. Photography by Andy Hutch.
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