Details For US Release Of Live Album 'Access:d' Confirmed
Last modified: 05 Feb 2003

Details For US Release Of Live Album 'Access:d' Confirmed The North American release of the latest live album from Delirious? is fast approaching. 'Access:d - Live Worship In The Key Of D' will be released in the US by Furious? Records on 8th April. The double-CD album contains 20 songs and 6 spontaneous sections all recorded live during tours in America over the past few years and at various other gigs.

Access:d was first released in the UK at the end of November 2002. The tracklisting for the US release remains the same, but a slightly different album cover has now been confirmed (see above right). The first 20,000 copies of Access:d released in America will include the special 'limited edition' square tin-can case that the UK version came in.

Hugh Robertson, head of Furious Records in America, said of the album: "Seeing Delirious? live is an experience, different for each person. Access:d captures that experience on CD." In a US Press Release, the band's manager Tony Patoto likened Access:d to the first live Delirious? album. "Much like Live And In The Can, Access:d welds the pre-planned with the spontaneous, capturing those 'I was there...' moments that go to make Delirious? gigs what they are".

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