Delirious? Agree Deal With BMG To Release Single In Germany
Last modified: 11 Dec 2003

Delirious? Agree Deal With BMG To Release Single In Germany Delirious? have signed a deal with record label BMG to release mainstream singles in Germany. In an e-mail message to fans, Martin Smith said "We have at last seen a partnership develop with BMG records in Germany, and they will be releasing the song 'Inside Outside' as a single next year which is a good start and hopefully that relationship will spill over into Britain".

The single, 'Inside Outside', is taken from the bands new album 'World Service' which is released worldwide on Monday (15th December). The 2004 release date for the single has yet to be confirmed, but this agreement with BMG marks a significant step forward for Delirious?

The band were first linked to BMG at the start of the year, when they put on a special concert at the Camden Underworld in London on 28th January 2003 to showcase their music to record bosses from the label. In past years Delirious? have released singles in the UK, reaching as high as number 16 in the UK Singles Chart in March 1999 with 'See The Star'. The band will hope that if their deal in Germany proves successful, BMG might agree a deal for further mainstream releases in the UK.

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