Inside Outside [Germany]
Last modified: 22 Aug 2010

Inside Outside [Germany]
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Released: 08 Mar 2004 Germany

Highest Chart Position: 72

Catalogue: 82876 59206 2

Format: CD

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Notes: This single was released by BMG in Germany only. Following its initial release, it was re-released on 17th May 2004 with additional videos added to the disc.

  1. Inside Outside (Audiostar/Radio Remix)
  2. Inside Outside (British Short Version)
  3. Inside Outside (Original Album Version)
  4. Grace Like A River
Re-released version:
Inside Outside (Video), Its OK (Video)

All songs written by Smith/Garrard ©2003 Curious? Music UK
All tracks originally from the album 'World Service'. Produced by Julian Kindred & Delirious? Recorded & Programmed by Julian Kindred @ Ford Lane Studios, England. Tracks 3 & 4 Mixed by Sam Gibson. Mastered by Chris Blair @ Abbey Road Studios, London. Track 1 Remix by Udo Rinklin for Audiostar. Mix and Mastering by Ralf Mayer for Tucan. Additional Guitar by Ossi Schaller.
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Back cover of the original single
Back cover of the re-released single