Paint The Town Red
Last modified: 22 Aug 2010

Paint The Town Red
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Released: 10 Oct 2005 UK

Highest Chart Position: 56 (16 Oct 2005)

Catalogue: CDFURY10

Format: CD

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  1. Paint The Town Red (Album Version)
  2. Paint The Town Red (Audio Star Remix)
  3. Rain Down (Audio Star Remix)

All songs written by Smith/Garrard ©2005 Curious? Music UK
'Paint The Town Red' taken from 'The Mission Bell', 'Rain Down' originally from the album 'World Service'. Tracks 1 & 2 produced by Delirious? & Sam Gibson. Tracks 2 & 3 remixed by Udo Rinklin. Track 3 produced by Delirious? & Julian Kindred.
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