May 1998 UK Tour - London's Brixton Academy (09 May 1998)
Last modified: 09 May 1998

Venue: London's Brixton Academy
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 09 May 1998

Recognized as one of Europe's leading multi-media entertainment venues, the Brixton Academy features the largest fixed stage in Europe. Live concerts by a string of the world's top rock, pop and dance superstars had already made The Academy one of the most talked-about venues in Britain.

But tonight was different. The atmosphere was electric even before the crowd had passed the ticket booths. There was a buzz going 'round like none any concert had boasted before. Inside the famous venue a packed crowd of over 4000 people gathered. Tonight was different...tonight was D:night!

The lights went up, 5 lads could be seen on the stage and the first few twangs on the guitar of Louder than the Radio signaled to the crowd that Delirious? first UK tour for 6 months was in progress. They needed no further encouragement...the crowd went wild. It seemed like every voice knew the words as the band went through some classic songs.

There were also signs of d:future in the shape of new songs Heaven and See The Star. Stopping to acknowledge the crowd, Martin Smith led the band through an acousitc set whilst sat on a sofa. Accomapnied by stunning lighting and visual effects this was an evening to remember. The highlight of the visuals were a Revival Town cartoon of the band, videos to the 2 chart singles and a series of effects and images to keep the wondering eye entertained.

They say no d:gig is complete without bouncing, and when I'm Not Ashamed began...boy did the crowd bounce! You couldn't stand still without getting a waving hand in your face or the bloke next door's size 12's on your toes. Throughout the concert the atmospehere was un-real. The climax featured Martin Smith performing a solo of Lord You Have My Heart with backing vocals and harmonies sung by 4000 fans.

When the band left the stage there was never any doubt in the crowd's mind what they wanted. With a thunderous noise the fans demanded an encoure and were not dissapointed. The band returned to play another couple of songs including the epic chart song Deeper. Not a person in the building denied they had seen the best Delirious? concert to date. The only question which remains is, how will they top it next time?

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