Camden Underworld Showcase - Camden Underworld, London (28 Jan 2003)
Last modified: 28 Jan 2003

Venue: Camden Underworld, London
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 28 Jan 2003

When Delirious? decided to put on a gig in London at just a weeks notice, the collective scramble for tickets amongst the fans was a clear indication of the band's on-going popularity. Indeed the 500 tickets available had all been snapped up within 24 hours of the concert being announced, and the same number again could probably have been sold by the following day.

To choose a venue as small as the 'Underworld' in Camden, North London, might seem a little restrictive, but the result was an intimate and electrifying atmosphere. Crammed inside like pebbles on a beach, the crowd made enough noise to have filled a stadium.

Why host a concert in London, on a week night, at such short notice and only a month since the last concert? Several reasons were banded around: First, the 10th anniversary of the band's early 'Cutting Edge' concerts was honoured with an inflation busting ticket price match up. Back in the early 90's £2 could get you a seat on the floor of the drafty halls the 'Cutting Edge' band used to perform at. A decade later and once again £2 was all you needed to buy a ticket, this time for a spectacular gig at a top London live venue.

Described as a 'Showcase Concert', the gig also served as a means to show the music press and industry insiders just why Delirious? have been receiving so much attention from the media lately. And so it came to be that 500 excited fans reached fever pitch as the five members of Delirious? walked onto stage and launched into the wailing guitar sounds of 'Fire'.

The songs tonight were chosen to impress, and they certainly did that. 'Show Me Heaven' came next, sung loudly by the crowd, before 'Deeper' took over. The brand new, but instantly catchy 'Rain Down' stunned the fans next, leading nicely into the gentle keyboard opening to 'Take Me Away'. Building to extraordinary heights, Stu's guitar solo screamed into life.

Continuing the rock flavour, the drum crunching 'My Glorious' erupted. Cooling down slightly, 'Hang On To You' flowed along perfectly before it was time for one of the latest songs to appear from the recent songwriting sessions 'Every Little Thing'. Seated at the Rhodes piano, Martin took the opportunity to tell the fans some family news (more d: babies on the way!) and to let them know that some important record bosses were in the crowd to check out the live Delirious? experience.

Onto the home straight, and 'Touch' was quickly followed by 'Heaven' and then 'History Maker'. Delirious? left the stage, but the crowd wanted more. The deafening applause that greeted the band back on stage for the encore was enough to impress the most hardened industry big-wig.

Delirious? rocked their way through 'Bliss', showing that they're still "not backing down". The moody 'Investigate' with its soothing blue lights and echoing guitars brought a stunning evening to an end.

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