St Louis Concert, Missouri, USA (03 Jul 2000)
Last modified: 03 Jul 2000

Venue: St Louis, Missouri, USA
Author: Sam Wade
Date: 03 Jul 2000

Some of the highlights of the concert included Martin walking on the shoulders of the d:fans, and pointing the microphone towards the crowd as we sang the chorus to "Louder Than the Radio". During "Mountains" they did sing "Dancing in the River Again", as they did last summer in the US, then went on with a musical passage that was much like the spontainious section after "Mountains" on "Live and in the Can."

Later they played a fantasic arrangement of "Follow". At one point it was just the crowd singing, "I will follow, I will follow..." Amazing, powerful. "Kiss Your Feet" had the same dynamic and worshipful atmosphere which seamlessly flowed into a beautiful version of "Obession". Martin led this one on the acoustic instead of the electric. It was just beautiful...a high point for me personally.

I was very throughly impressed that they played "It's Okay" as their encore considering the controvery that stirred at the release of "Mezzamorphis" in the US. The night ended with the always inspiring "There is a Light", and "Lord's Prayer".

It was a very fun, raw, and highly enjoyable night! I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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