The Mission Bell Tour - Newport Centre, UK (19 Oct 2006)
Last modified: 19 Oct 2006

Venue: Newport Centre, UK
Author: Clare Reay
Date: 19 Oct 2006

Last night was exciting, fresh and mind-blowing, but above all it was anointed. Tim Hughes warms the crowd up perfectly and it's hard to believe he isn't the headlining act the way he is received.

And then enter Delirious..grinning with anticipation. From the energetic Here I Am Send Me to the moving, intense Miracle Maker it is clear that every moment they are on stage is coated with the grace of a God who looks down and smiles over us.

Delirious blow the dust off some old favourites- a long overdue glimpse of the Mezzamorphis era with the stunning Metamorphis, and a return to the set for the Happy Song which was penned before some of last night's crowd were even born. It is truly to Delirious' credit that they continue to appeal to such a wide cross section of our society. (And a shout out must be made to 'the boy with the harmonica' - nice work my friend.)

It is impossible not to get caught up in the vibrant enthusiasm that the boys exude. Jon is part rock legend, part ecstatic eight-year old as he shows off his thoroughly cool adapted suit, Tim, away from his usual array of equipment and boxes of tricks adds undeniable atmosphere at the piano, and even Stew gets a word in much to the crowd's delight.

The show finishes with the breath-taking Take Off My Shoes, to which the crowd hold up their various Converses and ballet pumps with pride and the boys return for a personal favourite of mine- All This Time featuring fantastic vocals from Mr Stu G. As Martin poignantly touches his wedding ring one can't help but think of the amazing women who stand beside these men of God and make so much of this possible.

Martin Smith apologises to the crowd at the Newport Centre for Delirious' lack of visits to Wales over the last several years. The crowd quite clearly forgives them.

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