The Omnisonic Tour - Horsham, West Sussex (16 Nov 2007)
Last modified: 16 Nov 2007

Venue: Horsham, West Sussex
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 16 Nov 2007

The intriguingly titled 'Omnisonic Tour' was the first Delirious? UK tour for 12 months, and in that time the band had been frenetically honing a bunch of new songs till they were ready for public consumption. Such a time had finally arrived and pre-tour Delirious? had promised concerts brimming with material from 2008's 'Kingdom Of Comfort' album release. But to ease the tightly packed Horsham crowd into an evening of musical opulence Delirious? took to the stage to the more familiar sounds of Here I Am Send Me, closely followed by Rain Down.

God Is Smiling was the first sign of things to come from the forthcoming album, or 'record' as Martin often referred to it during the evening. Most of the crowd had probably never purchased a piece of vinyl in their young lives, but the retro phrase seemed to have some meaning to them as they clapped and cheered at any mention of the new release.

A new, funkier opening to Solid Rock was up next, heavy on the beat and bass, as Delirious? rocked their way along. Then another new song got an early airing. Break The Silence (Illuminate) is another track with a seriously strong beat, enchanting guitar sounds and crowd friendly chorus. As silence fell, the gentle melody of Take Off My Shoes arrived. Martin sung much of the song from his knees, raising his custom made microphone stand above his head to form a cross, before resting it against his shoulder as his emotion drenched vocals sung "So hold me today, as I carry your cross".

As a moment of quiet contemplation spread across the crowd, the worshipful Majesty gently probed the darkness. The crowd happily took up the invitation to lead the chorus as the song meandered along until the moment that Stew's drums lifted the tone a level. When it seemed like the song was to end, somehow it found new life and a majestic instrumental stretched on for a good five minutes longer.

History Maker never fails to excite a crowd and the singing matched the playing in standard and joy of this old favourite. Martin even managed to mix in a few choruses of God Is Smiling again as the song lingered to a superb climax. Keeping the adrenaline running, Delirious? launched into Paint The Town Red. In the final chorus a group of the bands children ran onto stage and proceeded to run energetically on the spot, copied by Martin until the song finished.

Taking a little time to tell the crowd about the new album, Martin explained that the recording was now finished and that they wanted to play the title track next. Kingdom Of Comfort starts simply and quietly, maintaining a steady beat until the drums kick in late in the song and speed things up. The sudden abrupt end seemed to take the crowd by surprise, before cheering and smiles broke out. This was instantly followed up with another new song, My Soul Sings, with its similarly paced quiet tone and repeated guitar jangle. The song finished with a stunning instrumental section and seemed to be the best of the new songs featured that night.

Our God Reigns was the final song of the main set, as Martin thanked the crowd and left the stage with the rest of the band. Within minutes they were back, eager to fit in another new song. Give What You Got was much faster and louder than the other songs featured so far, with Martin pogoing around the stage throughout. The almost Oasis style of guitar playing and superb bass made it highly popular with all present. With time for just one final song, the incredible Investigate brought the evening to a close. The concert set out to give a taste of the new album and certainly gave the eager fans plenty to look forward to in 2008.

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