The Living Room Gig - The Embassy, London (20 Nov 2007)
Last modified: 20 Nov 2007

Venue: The Embassy, London
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 20 Nov 2007

Tonight wasn't just 'another' Delirious? gig. There was something very different about this show. In fact, there were a lot of things different. For a start, the venue. The Embassy in London is situated in what can only be described as the 'posh' end of London. Located in Mayfair, just round the corner from the likes of the Ritz Hotel, Hamleys Toy Shop and Savile Row. The Embassy itself is a very plush London nightclub, frequented by celebrities, and not really designed for a large crowd of fans to watch a band. Which is why just 100 tickets were made available. Add to that about 50 or 60 invited 'guests' and you get a very cramped room which resembled, well, a Living Room, appropriately enough.

Indeed this was what the band described as their first ever 'Living Room Gig' with tickets only available from the members-only section of their website. In the corner of the tiny room was a stage, just big enough to house 5 band members, assuming they didn't mind standing shoulder to shoulder and not move too much. As it happens, they didn't seem to mind that at all. Delirious? pushed their way through the crowd to the stage, squeezed into position and picked up their instruments to launch into an old favourite, Bliss.

With the crowd literally eyeball to eyeball with the band, this was a very intimate setting, and very informal. But the real purpose of the night was to give everyone the chance to hear some of the songs from the new album. So the second song of the night was Stare The Monster Down, with its loud guitars and occasional high pitch vocals. Sensing the need to give a mix of old and new, World Service favourite Feel It Comin On came next, and was welcomed like a long lost brother. Martin and Stu joining up on vocals, heavy bass, superb guitars, it had it all. "This is another old song" said Martin as the keyboard introduction to Take Me Away rang out. This time Stew was the highlight, with his smashing drum solo closely followed by the screaming guitar solo from Stu.

With everyone's ears ringing, Delirious? launched into a run of five new songs back to back. First up was Break The Silence, already looking like a highlight of the new album. With its easy to follow chorus and pleasing guitar riffs it shines brightly through out. Title track Kingdom Of Comfort came next, with its thought provoking lyrics, starting slow and steady before increasing in energy and turning out to be quite striking.

The beautiful My Soul Sings continued the run of new songs. Jon's bass lies heavily across the track and the guitar riffs only add to the beauty of this stunning song. Changing pace somewhat, Give What You Got with its driving guitar opening and almost punk style vocals rocked the crowd into a bouncing mass of excitement.

Taking the chance to tell the crowd that the next song is available as a free download on the band's website, Martin announced God Is Smiling. With more than 5000 downloads in the first week, there was little wonder that everyone seemed to know the words and sang along. Disappointingly this exclusive and friendly show was almost at an end. Ending on the biggest high possible Delirious? eased into Investigate which quickly became a breathless frenzy of angry bass, smashing beats and pure genius guitar work. Search lights criss crossed the crowd, piercing the darkness. Nobody wanted it to end, but sadly it had to. With the music over, the 5 band members mingled with the crowd, in no rush to leave and happy to chat to anyone and everyone. A memorable night for those fortunate enough to attend.

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