US Deeper Tour 2002 - Riverside Community Church, Peoria, Illinois USA (07 Apr 2002)
Last modified: 07 Apr 2002

Venue: Riverside Community Church, Peoria, Illinois USA
Author: Andy King
Date: 07 Apr 2002

People started to line up at 2pm for the 7:30pm show time. The intro started on the video screen and pictures of the different band members came up on the screen, then "Game on" appeared on the screen. Silhouettes of the band member could be seen on the stage and all of a sudden the 'Deeper' intro started. The ride had officially begun. Following 'Deeper' came 'Romance' and 'History Maker' which they altered and used the chorus from 'Romance' and put at the end of 'History Maker'. The crowd went crazy at the next song 'Did you feel the Mountains tremble?' With Martin talking a bit in front of it about 9/11. The video to 'Everything' made the live version even better. What followed was a personal favourite, the 'My Glorious' intro kicked off.

Although there was meant to be a stop after "My Glorious" the guys kept going to flow into 'Jesus Blood'......That is until Mr. Stu G hit a string, very loud, that was not meant to be there. Martin stopped and just started laughing. The crowd I think could not believe that was happening and then there was laughter across the auditorium. 'I could sing' followed 'Jesus blood' with the new big bass line. Jon just grooved all the way to the end.

The next set was just as good as the first with a punk version of 'Happy Song', cool videos to 'Fire' and 'Sanctify', then the echoing floor tom and snare rang out to 'Obsession'. 'Not ashamed' followed and left the crowd speechless.

The guys came off and an encore was about to happen. I was standing on the side of the stage. As I turned there was Jon draped in my very own British flag.

An old 'Revival Town' video came on the screen and half way through the guys jumped back on stage with all their Wembley football shirts on and Jon draped in the British flag. 'Bliss' followed and we really saw how talented Mr. Stu G really is on his intro on the guitar. I am sure the song 'Fire' was written for him after seeing his hands moving so fast.

The evening came to a close with Investigate. A haunting song with a great video in the background. It left us all just examining our lives and status with this incredible creator. The show came to a sudden stop and the ride had ended.

We will never forget the day that Delirious graced us with there presence, not just for there musical ability but also showing us great examples of not mega super stars, but dads and husbands. They were living life not just on the stage but off it. They live what they believe and it was refreshing to see.

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