UK Glo Tour - Shepherds Bush Empire, London (07 Nov 2000)
Last modified: 07 Nov 2000

Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire, London
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 07 Nov 2000

Delirious? kicked off their UK Glo Tour at London's Shepherds Bush Empire on Tuesday 7th November. Tickets had sold out 2 weeks before the gig for the 2000 capacity venue, so this was bound to be a high-energy show. Warmed up by 4-piece rock outfit 'Steve', the crowd were psyched up and ready for the main event. Launching straight into one of the songs on their new album Glo, Delirious? opened with Gods Romance. Dressed to thrill, Stu G wore a green and gold trouser and suit combination, Jon had a sheep skin vest, orange trousers and knee length parker and Martin wore his white and red floral print matching shirt and trousers (which he later referred to as his Pyjamas or 'Womans clothing'!).

Without pausing for breath, Deeper had the crowd bouncing and singing before new song God You Are My God brought everyone back to earth with its sheer emotion and power. Martin barely needed to sing during Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble as the crowd declared with one voice: "Prepare the way of the risen Lord". Arguably one of the best songs on their new album, Hang on to You was next. Stu G's screaming guitar and Stew Smith's thrashing rhythm on the drums was simply amazing.

Delirious? continued with Follow, starting with a stage full of wandering green spotlights before breaking out into a strobe effect as the chorus rang out. As the song ended, Martin led the crowd for several minutes with the simple line "I will follow, I will follow You". The silence that greeted the end of the song summed up the whole Delirious? experience: worship and emotion mixed with a mutual love of God.

Shattering the calm, My Glorious continued the worship theme but in a more up-tempo fashion. The highlight of the evening followed, with Tim taking centre stage behind a Rhodes keyboard as Martin performed an acoustic version of When All Around Has Fallen. The crowd again remained silent in awe as Martin announced the next song by saying "I never thought we'd be doing this song in a place like this" and then sliding behind the keys himself to perform an electrifying Intimate Stranger. Even Jon, normally only seen with a bass guitar in hand, played a few notes on a mini bass keyboard to add to the effect.

Awaken The Dawn was next up as the band were illuminated by 40 or so bulbs hidden behind white panels right across the width of the stage. Heaven rocked the crowd into a frenzy next, and as Martin shouted "This one's for the people" he ventured out into the crowd raised on shoulders and a sea of arms to sing History Maker. The band left the stage for a short break before returning for the obligatory en-core starting with Bliss. Martin, now wearing a glittery Glo t-shirt, was clearly enjoying the night and his smiles were mirrored on the faces of the other band members. Investigate echoed around the hall next with its eerie guitars and haunting lyrics. For years fans have requested the return of a certain Cutting Edge 'classic' and as Martin exclaimed "This song is very happy" they knew they'd finally got what they wanted. The version of Happy Song that followed can only be described as a double speed punk song! The crowd loved it and it brought an incredible night to a close.

Set List:
Gods Romance
God You Are My God
Hang On To You
My Glorious
When All Around Has Fallen
Intimate Stranger
Awaken The Dawn
History Maker

Happy Song

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