No Turning Back - Royal Albert Hall, London UK (20 May 2006)
Last modified: 20 May 2006

Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London UK
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 20 May 2006

The Royal Albert Hall in London is perhaps an unusual venue for a youth event, being more commonly used for orchestras and choirs. But the 'No Turning Back' Crusader concert had managed to pack full the historic building with enthusiastic young people eagerly anticipating the series of bands and entertainers lined up. Last time Delirious? played here they were supporting Michael W. Smith, but this time they were headlining the show themselves.

Coming on stage for the final slot of the day, Delirious? received a rapturous reception from the crowd. Seats, positioned in balconies at every height from the floor to the extremely high ceiling all around this perfectly circular arena, began to shake as those on the floor jumped in time to the opening beats of Here I Am Send Me. The band were straight into 'full flow' from the outset, belting out the song with Martin straining at the leash of his microphone cable.

Not wanting to waste any time at all, Rain Down quickly followed and already beads of sweat were appearing on Stew's forehead as he thrashed the sticks around his drum kit. Towards the end of the song Martin said to the crowd "We were just wondering if we could bring our kids on. Is that ok?" A loud cheer indicated the crowd's agreement and a line of Delirious children and wives appeared from the wings and snaked its way, hand in hand, across the stage. Launching back into the chorus of Rain Down, Delirious? and their family members danced and sang their way to the final note of Tim's keyboard. As what seemed like an entire school of children made their way off stage, shepherded by the ever understanding female half of Delirious?, the band prepared for a more common rock and roll moment.

Stu's guitar burst into life with a roar, accompanied by the reverberating boom of Jon's bass. Solid Rock had arrived. Rocking their way through the song the band continued the rhythm as Martin reached for his megaphone to yell out the lines of the rap.

Slowing things down, Delirious? continued with Miracle Maker as a stunning light show shone down from up high. Singing along to the words on the video screens either side of the stage, the crowds choir impression backed a stunning song that never fails to raise goose bumps. Martin's solo voice brought an electrifying song to a finish.

It was time to let the fans jump around again and History Maker was the perfect outlet for all the pent up youthful energy. Thousands earnestly joined in the chorus proclaiming that they too wanted to be a "history maker in this land". As the song ended Martin was handed his guitar which soon oozed with the gentle opening sound of Majesty. It was quickly greeted with a sea of upraised arms and the crowd again turned choir as a fine blend of voices continued to repeat the song's chorus.

Almost without anyone noticing, the band switch to the gentle chorus of Our God Reigns as brilliant white light flooded the stage from all angles, dazzling everyone with its bright glare. Over and over Martin sung the words: "Our God reigns, forever Your kingdom reigns". Then a sea of red, white and black balloons floated down from the roof onto the crowd below, signalling the end of a short but inspiring show from Delirious? for a young audience who clearly loved every minute of it.

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