UK Fire Tour 2002 - Bristol Colston Hall (25 May 2002)
Last modified: 25 May 2002

Venue: Bristol Colston Hall
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 25 May 2002

An excitable Bristol crowd at the Colston Hall fell silent as the giant video screen, taking up the entire backdrop of the stage, flickered into life. The mission-impossible themed intro sequence focused in on each individual member of the band in various 'secret-agent' locations, whilst computer printouts alongside their faces apparently scanned and locked in on 5 names before finally identifying them: Delirious?

As the opening bars of 'Fire' rang out, Stu G walked onto stage with his guitar as the video screen changed to a giant scene of flames and explosions. The rest of the band arrived and launched enthusiastically into the opening song. Without doubt, the crowd loved it. When eyes were finally dragged away from the video flames, stretching from top to bottom of the stage, it became apparent that this was a band with style. Dressed in a full suit and tie, Martin lead the singing from a small platform protruding onto the crowd barrier.

Leading straight into 'Show Me Heaven' then 'Deeper', the impressive array of lights swung back and forth across stage and crowd as the mosh pit came to life and moved in waves of bouncing. Pausing for a few words to the crowd, Martin's face suddenly appeared larger than life on the screen as the promo video accompanied 'Take Me Away'. Nearly a year on from its entry into the UK charts, 'Waiting For The Summer' came next before the video screen once again came into use to play the promo video to 'Promise' with the band perfectly synchronised on stage.

Changing pace for a short while Delirious? soothingly moved onto 'Rollercoaster' whilst haunting black and white images of busy city streets appeared behind them on the screen. The loud and energy-packed 'My Glorious' followed, complete with a rainbow of colours to form a dramatic contrast. As the song ended, a lengthy chorus of "Send Your Glory" continued in worshipful fashion. Almost unnoticed Stu, Jon and Stew crept off stage leaving Tim at his keyboards to play a gentle backing tune to Martin's vocals on 'Jesus Blood'. A hush fell over the crowd for what seemed like an eternity, before cheering broke out at the realisation of what they had just heard.

With the stage in darkness, an acoustic guitar started up. Searching for the source of this gentle tune, heads were raised upwards as a single spotlight picked out the figure of Stu G stood on the balcony high above the stage. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the night as Stu performed an almost Country and Western style solo version of 'King of Fools', complete with Jester's hat.

The remaining members of the band rejoined the stage to sing 'Everything' while the promo video showed the band battling against wind and fire before finally being drenched by rain. A rare treat in the form of 'Touch' came next with white spotlights producing an angel figure on the backdrop. The powerful 'Alien' followed featuring some stunning sounds from the guitar of Stu G, during which the video screen showed scenes of skies and clouds, followed by dark skylines superimposed over Martin's face.

As the resounding beat of 'Obsession' broke out, the video was filled with an oscilloscope readout jumping and dropping as Stew's drums were pounded. The resulting atmosphere was simply electric. 'History Maker' began and as it reached its most reflective moments, images of one of the world's most famous footballers appeared on screen. Memories of a certain 93rd minute freekick taken by David Beckham were relived and a huge cheer broke out as the ball was shown crashing into the top corner of the goal followed by Martin reappeared on stage wearing an England football shirt. As Delirious? left the stage with the crowd still in a buoyant mood, there was little doubt that they would reappear for an encore.

'Mezzanine Floor', with its video of everyday object seen through the eyes of a heat sensitive camera, came first. The rocking sound of 'Bliss' rang out next giving the crowd a final chance to use up every last ounce of energy. As an emotion-charged 'Investigate' brought the evening to a close, images of outer space and twinkling stars filled the screen. Overall it was a hugely impressive performance. Delirious? have taken their sound to a new level and kept even the most impartial onlooker entertained with the stunning video effects. They just keep getting better.

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