Kosovo Benefit Concert - Revelation Center - Chichester, UK (08 Jul 1999)
Last modified: 08 Jul 1999

Venue: Revelation Center - Chichester, UK
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 08 Jul 1999

It was obvious just from the ticket that this was going to be a fantastic evening. Not only were 3 of the UK's best Christian bands playing, but money from the ticket sales was being donated to children in Kosovo.

Newly signed band Fruit kicked off the evening with a superb set, introducing new songs and a potential first single. River Deep followed on with a blend of rocking and mellow music to suit all members of the audience. Local radio DJ Des Paul introduced both bands, before getting down to the serious nature of the evening - an interview with a Kosovo charity worker.

Although this was all treated with respect by the crowd, the main reason they had turned up was still to come. Delirious? hit the stage and at last the crowd started to come to life.

The d:boys started with a series of big hitters, Bliss, Promise, Gravity and Follow. The was followed by a crowd participation enhanced Louder Than The Radio which led to Martin commenting that he felt "relaxed" in such an "intimate" atmosphere.

Next the set began to slow down with a series of slower, more worshipful, ballads. Mezzanine Floor, Love Falls Down, It's OK and a spontaneous chorus of I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever complete with glitter ball effect. The epic Beautiful Sun was given the full lighting treatment with the band bathed in red and yellow light and a neon-style tube of mini-lights circling the entire stage.

Never ones to forget what pleases the crowd, Delirious? then unpacked a few old favourites, mixed in with the best of the rest. The chart songs Deeper and See The Star, plus Heaven and I'm Not Ashamed.

Not wanting to forget the purpose of the night, Martin Smith said a few words about the plight of the refugees returning to their homes in Kosovo, adding that he had been "humbled" by televised pictures of the atrocities. He went on to touch a slightly sensitive subject in d:circles, saying that worrying about getting singles in the Top 10 was nothing in comparison to the importance of being yourself. A direct indication that the band are fighting back at claims of "selling-out" and loosing their faith.

The main set ended with the worshipful Blindfold, leaving the words "Glory, Glory in the highest" ringing in our ears. Sensing the possibility of an encore, the fans made themselves heard. They were not to be disappointed, with Delirious? returning to the stage to finish with the epic Metamorphis ("Can I be somebody? Not what they want me to be") and the oh so sing-able "History Maker". The crowd left with a great feeling, they'd got their money's worth and at the same time helped, just a little bit.

Full Set List:
Intro: Love Falls Down
Louder Than The Radio
Mezzanine Floor
Love Falls Down
It's OK
(I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever)
Beautiful Sun
See The Star
I'm Not Ashamed

History Maker

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