South Africa Tour - Rhema Church, Johannesburg (10 Oct 2002)
Last modified: 10 Oct 2002

Venue: Rhema Church, Johannesburg
Author: Nicky Van Rensburg
Date: 10 Oct 2002

There's a thundering drumming noise. Hands are raised up towards the heavens. Strobes of light flash across the plains. There's no storm in sight ...I can smell excitement but I can't see any rain in the sky or elephants on the horizon.

Could this be some tribal council or African ritual that was taking place?


It's the crowd at the Thursday evening Delirious? Concert, which was held at Rhema Church in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Hundreds of God loving youth, 'mature' youth, young and old flocked to Rhema Church in Randburg, Johannesburg for the Delirious? concerts, that were held on two nights for what was an awesome evening of praise, worship and heavenly delirium.

The UK band rocked the crowd with their international chart topping hits. From the soothing ballads, ground moving rock and soul lifting worship - the progressive music echoed the identical adoration the band and its fervent listeners held in their hearts for Jesus.

Breaking all boundaries and conformities that Christian music is monotonous, boring, dull or antiquated - this bunch of guys from Littlehampton, England clearly convey the gospel and reach the new (end) generation with a ministry that goes beyond JUST making music.

There was no way but to surrender to the electrified atmosphere and absorb the sheer rapture of music and have some downright outrageous fun. Hands and voices were raised in unison as the crowd echoed their appreciation for world class music from these "church boys".

Breaking into DEEPER the band kicked off a ground shaking performance. Classics from the early days right through to present day hits echoed off the beams of the auditorium. Pure gratification reflected in the radiant eyes and faces of those fans standing right in front all the way to the back.

For many, the group coming to South Africa was a prayer answered. For others, it was a brand new start having never known Christ. The response was overwhelming and the phenomenal star spangled performances by each member completely obliterated any false perception that Christians are boring!

The evening's performance ended with the resounding hit HISTORY MAKER but not before the crowd cheered the guy's back on stage with an encore playing out with BLISS, HAPPY SONG & INVESTIGATE. Time certainly just got away.

Afterwards fans bustled into the foyer to meet the 'famous five' and get the memorabilia they'd purchased autographed. Truly a wonderful evening was had by all.

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