Christmas Show 2002 - The Forum, London (19 Dec 2002)
Last modified: 19 Dec 2002

Venue: The Forum, London
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 19 Dec 2002

The week before Christmas means only one thing, time for another Delirious? gig in London. Despite the cold, a large audience of about 2000 fans had gathered at The Forum in Kentish Town, North London for the annual Delirious? Christmas Show. Support band Superhero got the evening off to an energetic start, before popular singer Cathy Burton and her band entertained with a fine blend of rock and ballads.

As the loud cheers subsided, Stu G's roaring guitars announced the opening song 'Fire'. Behind him the back of the stage leapt into life as the giant video screen filled with flames and explosions. The volume increased further as Stew's drums boomed out before settling down to allow Martin's vocals to be heard. Dressed in baggy black trousers and a black satin shirt Martin's voice was strong and clear as he coaxed the fans into a frenzy.

'Show Me Heaven' was next: another high-energy rock number, requiring bouncing and jumping by band and crowd alike. Describing the next song as "an old one" Martin moved straight on into 'Come Like You Promise'. Nobody had forgotten the words of this classic guitar heavy track. Allowing a few moments for everyone to recover from the pulsating start to the gig, the band's famous roadie 'Damo' appeared on stage dressed as a Butler and handed round mince pies.

Taking the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Martin then explained that the band had been working on some demos for their next album and that this evening was the perfect opportunity to "try one or two new ones out". 'Rain Down' started life as a spontaneous filler in between songs, but had now been turned into a full song. The verses had a strong rock feel which will surely prove popular with audiences around the world.

Making use of the video screen once again, 'Take Me Away' was accompanied by a larger than life pop-video in the background. The pounding drum solo in the middle received a huge cheer before Stu took over with his own screaming guitar solo. Keeping the tempo going, 'My Glorious' continued with bold bright floodlights filling the stage. A prolonged chorus of "Send Your Glory" was kept going by the crowd long after the music had faded.

The recently rejuvenated 'Love Is The Compass' signified a quieter spell, which was also well suited to the next song. Sitting at a keyboard Martin introduced the next new song and dedicated it to a family close to the whole band. 'Every Little Thing' is a beautiful ballad, starting gently before building at the chorus with drums and bass joining in. The chorus cries out words of comfort "Every little things gonna be alright".

Still sat at the piano, Martin treated the crowd to a brief verse of the Carol 'O Come Let Us Adore Him'. With the rest of the band members off stage, Stu then took his turn by playing an instrumental bluesy version of 'Silent Night' in the style of his recent 'King of Fools' solo performances. Getting back down to business, 'Everything' was next, again with a back drop of the music video.

The worshipful 'Touch' oozed along before crowd pleasing 'Deeper' sent the mosh-pit wild. Delirious? then built on the already electrifying atmosphere with the anthemic 'History Maker', complete with video footage of David Beckham's famous last minute wining goal.

The band left the stage, but not for long. An extended guitar introduction to 'Bliss' announce the beginning of the encore. Pleasing the ever demanding crowd still further 'Happy Song' came next, in double speed. Saving the best till last, Delirious? then performed a stunning rendition of the heart stopping 'Investigate'.

Just as the band were about to leave the stage, Stu turned to Martin and said "We haven't done our Christmas song yet!". As if by magic a homely Christmas scene of Children singing beside a Christmas tree appeared on the giant video screen. Stu lead the band into the classic Christmas track 'So This Is Christmas' with the Children on the video screen singing along with them. Another Christmas concert over, another year ended and another very satisfied crowd of enthusiastic fans.

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