Damo The Roadie Talks About "Damo'z World"
Last modified: 07 Oct 2003

Damo The Roadie Talks About "Damo'z World" One of the most popular sections on the official Delirious? website has recently received an overhaul. The excellent and insightful Damo'z World gives fans a view of life behind the scenes for Delirious?, courtesy of "Damo The Roadie". Damo has been working for Delirious? as their Roadie for 3 years and has clocked up over 280,000 air miles and about 200 gigs during that time.

If you've ever wondered exactly how Stu G gets his unique sound, which cymbals Stew uses, where Martin got his custom made mic stand, who's face appears on Jon's bass, or why Tim is always pressing buttons, Damo'z World has the answer. From top tips on how to become a Roadie, to interviews with the Delirious? road crew - everything you ever wanted to know, but never thought to ask can be found at Damo'z World.

To coincide with the recent update to Damo'z World, interviewed the man himself, Mr Damo The Roadie. If you've ever been to a Delirious? gig, you will no doubt have seen Damo on stage in between songs handing Martin or Stu a different guitar. Or perhaps you will recognise Damo from his most famous moment to date, a starring role in the 'Everything' video (which Delirious? also had a minor appearance in) when he inadvertently tripped over a cable and set the band on fire. "The band did OK, I was a bit disappointed with Martin's performance. I think he let the side down a bit" says Damo, remembering the event.

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