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Last modified: 07 Oct 2003

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 07 Oct 2003

Some call him the unsung hero of Delirious? The man who put the band where they are today. A pillar of strength, always at hand to solve any problem. Who am I talking about? Damo the Roadie of course.

Damo emigrated from South Africa just over three years ago now to work full time as Delirious' Roadie. "In that time I have clocked up over 280,000 air miles, about 200 gigs and 1 wife" explains Damo, who occupies a small office in the basement of Furious? Records HQ?, surrounded by cables, boxes, tools and sound equipment belonging to Delirious?

For several months each year, Delirious? are on the road, touring the world, performing gigs in cities from England to America, Australia to Africa, and everywhere in between. Where ever the band goes, Damo their trusty Roadie goes too. So what is life like for Damo when he's on the road with the band? "I'm normally the last to flop out of bed" he admits, "Then stumble into the venue, drink coffee, try and wake up while setting up the gear at the same time. Next, get told off by Cattle [the tour manager] for not being around to watch him off load the van, do sound check, sit around waiting for show time, do gig, pack up gear like the speed of light, and get back to bus life" Damo summarises.

If you have been to a Delirious? concert in the past few years, you will almost certainly have seen Damo as he appears on stage in between songs to pass Martin or Stu a guitar ready for the next song. "It is my responsibility to ensure that the stage area is safe at all times and all the band gear is functioning as it should during the gig. I also make sure that the guitars are tuned for the appropriate songs and get them clean and polished up" explains Damo.

He can also be called into action if anything goes wrong. "If Stu or Mart brake a string during the gig I am responsible for changing it, tuning it and getting it back to them ASAP." Like a good boy scout, Damo is equipped for every eventuality with his production bag which contains everything he might need on the road. "I feel like a bit of a production bag geek" he laughs when I ask him about it. So which piece of gear from his bag gets the most use? "It would have to be my guitar string winders and cutter combo."

Having travelled all over the world with Delirious?, Damo has seen many different venues, from small halls to huge football stadiums. He says the ideal venue has good leisure facilities. "A good back stage area with pool tables, pin ball machines, arcade machines, air hockey, table football game, play stations, loads of food and a hot tub!" Does such a place exist I wonder? "Believe it or not, we have played a church venue that had all that." Showing his dedication to the band, Damo says that he never tires of watching them on stage. "I go to every show and NEVER get bored of them, my wife does though 'cause I listen to their music at home too, 24/7!" He says that his favourite Delirious? song is 'What A Friend I've Found', the best ever gig was in Cape Town (his home town) and his all time favourite instrument is the Triangle.

Damo is also responsible for possibly the most popular part of the band's official website. "Damo'z World" is a goldmine of information about Delirious?, as Damo himself explains: "The band keep me busy most of the time, but not all of the time, if you know what I mean! 'Damoz World' was born out of complete boredom and was inspired by Wayne's World." What was the aim in setting up his own corner on the band's website? "My aim is to change the world and make it a better place" he says modestly.

When asked to expand on his other roles with Delirious?, Damo refuses to reveal more. "I'm sorry" he says, "but that would be Furious HQ Classified 212 TOP SECRET Information!". Hoping to press him on the band's future plans, I ask where he sees himself and Delirious? in 10 years time. "Retired?" he ponders vaguely. Continuing his mysterious nature, he even refuses to be drawn on what the band might be doing next year. "Good question!!" is all he will say.

Damo's numerous fans will tell you that he has a place firmly fixed in history due to his starring role in the 'Everything' video, when he inadvertently tripped over a cable to trigger a chain of events resulting in Delirious? being pelted with wind, rain and fire. I remind Damo of this event and ask him what it was like having Delirious? appear in his video. "The band did OK," he shrugs, and then admits cheekily "I was a bit disappointed with Martin's performance. I think he let the side down a bit, although I'm probably the only one brave enough to say it!"

I decide to have one last go at getting Damo to reveal some Delirious? secrets, so I ask him about the band's new album 'World Service'. Being around the band all the time, he is well placed to know how it will compare to their previous efforts. So what does he think of the new album? "It's a step the right direction and something to look forward to!!".

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