'Inside The Studio' Video Feature Included On 'The Mission Bell'
Last modified: 31 Oct 2005

'Inside The Studio' Video Feature Included On 'The Mission Bell' The new Delirious? album, 'The Mission Bell' includes an exclusive behind the scenes CD-Rom video feature titled 'Inside The Studio'. The 12-minute video opens with footage of Delirious? on tour in the USA, including shots of the famous Hollywood sign, and the band sound checking and performing on stage. A backing track of 'God In Heaven', taken from the new Soul Survivor Live album, accompanies the video clips.

The video then switches to the band unloading a van full of equipment and setting up at Chapel Lane Studios. Addressing the camera, Martin explains "We're here to re-cut 'Now Is The Time'". As well as showing each individual member of the band setting up and playing their parts of the song in the studio, the video is also packed full of amusing moments. Stu G tries out his French, "Je suis un rock star" and announces that this song is "in the key of tea", whilst Jon and producer Sam Gibson show off their dancing skills.

A few short interviews see Stew explaining how he came up with the phrase "ring the mission bell", Stu G describing the band's approach to recording the album, and Martin explaining why they decided to re-record 'Now Is The Time'. 'The Mission Bell' is released in the UK on 7th November, and features several guest appearances. Matt Redman is a guest writer on 'Now Is The Time'. There are guest vocals from TOBYMAC ('Solid Rock') and Moya Brennan ('I'll See You') plus sound bites from DJ A Skillz ('Love Is A Miracle'). Jars Of Clay guitarist Steve Mason also features on the album, playing the Pedal Steel ('I'll See You').

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