New Delirious? Album To Be Titled 'The Mission Bell'
Last modified: 26 Sep 2005

New Delirious? Album To Be Titled 'The Mission Bell' The new Delirious? album will be titled 'The Mission Bell' and will be released on Monday 7th November. The title comes from the lyrics of one of the album tracks 'Paint The Town Red': "And we hear You call every woman and man, 'Ring the mission bell' and storm the gates of hell". The provisional track listing for the new album is:

1. Stronger
2. Now Is The Time
3. Solid Rock
4. All This Time
5. Miracle Maker
6. Here I am Send Me
7. Fires Burn
8. Our God Reigns
9. Love Is A Miracle
10. Paint The Town Red
11. Take Off My Shoes
12. I'll See You

"The Mission Bell rings with an urgency and a passion like no other Delirious? album before", says the band's record company. "Guitars are bold, melodies inspired, ambiance unavoidable. What has shifted even further are the lyrics. There's an honesty and fragility about them. With The Mission Bell it's all about finding yourself ready to move on with God, seizing the day and taking the time." 'The Mission Bell' can be pre-ordered now from the Fierce Shop.

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