'Fires Burn' Set To Be First US Radio Single From 'The Mission Bell'
Last modified: 03 Nov 2005

'Fires Burn' Set To Be First US Radio Single From 'The Mission Bell' The new studio album from Delirious? 'The Mission Bell' is set to be released in the UK next week (7th November). The US release date is just after Christmas, but already plans are in place to promote the album stateside. Next month 'Fires Burn' will become the first radio single in the USA from the new album, which will be promoted by Sparrow Records.

'Fires Burn' is a mid-paced rock ballad featuring some outstanding guitar riffs from Stu G and strong vocals from Martin. "There aren't many songs about the return of Jesus and it is a healthy reminder that heaven is the destination" says Martin of the song. Delirious? are currently in California performing a series of concerts as they begin promoting 'The Mission Bell' in the USA. The band have been playing several of the new songs live, including 'Miracle Maker', 'Now Is The Time' and 'Paint The Town Red'. A US Tour is also planned for next April to continue promoting the album.

Speaking about the album, Martin said "We love what we do, but there's gotta be more. We want to make a change. Surely, this whole God thing is not just for putting Christian records out. Surely, God has called us to higher things. It's not enough to sit back and enjoy the ride, but to be sure of the ride we're on." Stu G says he hopes the new songs will prove helpfull to fans: "I think there's a lot of inspiration for people to get out of these songs. I think it'll help some folks kind of work out their calling, work out what they're supposed to be doing."

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