Song From New Delirious? Album To Debut As iTunes Single
Last modified: 04 Jul 2005

Song From New Delirious? Album To Debut As iTunes Single One of the songs on the new Delirious? studio album is to be released as an exclusive iTunes single download on 11th October, one month ahead of the album's 7th November release date. This will give Delirious? the perfect opportunity to promote their new album and may even lead to a place in the mp3 charts.

It has not yet been confirmed which track from the new album will be released on iTunes. The band had originally planned to release a track called 'Stronger', but they are now in discussions with EMI and Disney for that song to be included on an 'inspired by' album for the new 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' Narnia movie. If the song does appear on the soundtrack, due for release on 27th September, then Delirious? will release a different track on iTunes in October.

Delirious? are currently playing two other songs from the forthcoming album during their live concerts, 'Paint The Town Red' and 'Now Is The Time'. A preview of 'Now Is The Time' can be heard at The site also says, "The new album cranks it up and says that it's time to make a difference with our lives, to put faith into action." For all the latest details, check out the new album page.

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