New Album 'The Mission Bell' Released In The UK
Last modified: 07 Nov 2005

New Album 'The Mission Bell' Released In The UK The new album from Delirious? 'The Mission Bell' has been released in the UK today (7th November). This is the band's eight studio album, and follows their previous album 'World Service' which was released in 2003. 'The Mission Bell' contains twelve brand new songs from Delirious?, including 'Now Is The Time' co-written with Matt Redman and recently given a last minute revamp in the studio.

Also included on the new album is an exclusive 12-minute behind-the-scenes CD-Rom video, titled 'Inside The Studio'. 'The Mission Bell' contains several guest apperances, including guest vocals from TOBYMAC on 'Solid Rock', and Moya Brennan on 'I'll See You'. Sound bites from DJ A Skillz appear on 'Love Is A Miracle' and Jars Of Clay guitarist Steve Mason plays the Pedal Steel on 'I'll See You'.

Other songs on 'The Mission Bell' include 'Paint The Town Red', which was released as a single last month, 'Fires Burn' which is set to be the first US radio single and 'Miracle Maker' which has been stunning fans at recent concerts. It is one of the strongest albums the band have ever produced, with a more mature and edgy sound than previous albums. 'The Mission Bell' will also be available on the UK iTunes website from 14th November, and will be released in the USA on 26th December, in Canada on 15th November and in Germany on 14th November.

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