Delirious? Talk About The New Album And Reveal More Song Titles
Last modified: 07 Sep 2005

Delirious? Talk About The New Album And Reveal More Song Titles Delirious? have now revealed a total of seven of the twelve song titles which will appear on their brand new studio album, set for UK release on 7th November. So far they have performed three new songs live at various festivals and concerts around the world: 'Miracle Maker', 'Now Is The Time' and 'Paint The Town Red'.

A fourth song, 'Stronger', from the new album has been confirmed to appear on the forthcoming Narnia compilation album. In the September edition of Cyber Smalltalk on the official Delirious? website three further song titles are also revealed: 'All This Time', 'Take Off My Shoes' and 'Solid Rock'. The band also spoke about recording the new album, with Stew describing how the whole band have been involved in the writing this time, "We went into the studio to put down some thoughts and write more as a band from the floor" he explained.

Tim went on to say, "There's more acoustic piano on this album than previous recordings" and Stu G reveals that they used other different approaches such as "combining voice and guitar loops on a couple of songs and also on another song not playing any chords but making them up by playing single notes." The band also describe other highlights during recording, including David and Carrie Grant (of TV's 'Fame Academy') providing backing vocals with their choir and Tim Harries' string arrangements, both of which were recorded in the lounge of Martin's house. You can pre-order the new album from

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