US Fans Asked To Join The Delirious? Underworld Street Team
Last modified: 11 Nov 2005

US Fans Asked To Join The Delirious? Underworld Street Team Delirious? fans in the USA are being asked to help promote the band in America by joining the 'Underworld'. Delirious? hope to use 'Street Teams' to get the message across about the forthcoming release of their new album 'The Mission Bell'. The album, which was released in the UK on Monday (7th November) releases in the USA on 26th December.

"Being a team member means using your voice and getting the message out to whoever's around to listen," says the Underworld team. "From your friends to their friends, including that kid in your biology class, you'll be spreading the word about new music and entertainment before they hear about it from some corporation. All across the country there are hundreds of members doing the business, spreading the word and starting scenes in their home cities and online communities. They're hitting stores, going to shows, getting the buzz going online and generally doing what they can to help promote the new music that everyone will be talking about soon."

Fans who join the Underworld will be asked to distribute promotional materials to locations in their city, hand out stickers and postcards and spread the word online in chat rooms and message boards. In return, they will get access to exclusive content, promotional materials and inside information. Prizes such as free CDs will also be on offer. Joining the Underworld is free (although you must be at least 13 years old to apply), so if you want to help promote Delirious? in the USA just go to and sign up today.

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