New Delirious? Album Set For November Release Date
Last modified: 19 May 2005

New Delirious? Album Set For November Release Date Delirious? have revealed that their new album will be released in November 2005. The band have been working on the album since January and are said to be extremely pleased with the progress. In between touring commitments around the world they have been spending time back home in the UK in their studio with Producer Sam Gibson, working hard on the next album.

The band have yet to announce the title of the album. They had provisionally named it 'Now Is The Time', after one of the songs on the album, but this is not expected to be the final album title. Writing on the official website, Stew Smith described it as "The strongest, most honest album we have ever made".

This new album will be the band's seventh studio album (or eighth if you count 'Cutting Edge' as two separate albums), and follows on from 'World Service' which was released in December 2003. Last month Delirious? performed a song penned for the new album at the Hillsong Church in London. The track is titled 'Now Is The Time' and contains the lyrics "Now is the time for us to shine, Shine with the face of Christ divine". Delirious? will be continuing to record the album over the next few months and will be leading worship at the Soul Survivor, Grapevine and Summer Madness festivals in the UK this July and August.

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