Delirious? Back In The Studio To Start Work On Their New Album
Last modified: 10 Jan 2005

Delirious? Back In The Studio To Start Work On Their New Album Delirious? have made the first steps towards recording a new album by entering the studio this week to work on new material. The band will spend the week at ICC Studios in Eastbourne, not far from their Littlehampton hometown, working on initial ideas for the next album. No release date has been scheduled for what will be their 7th studio album, but it is not expected to be ready until the end of 2005 at the earliest.

ICC Studios recently underwent a major refurbishment which included the installation of the latest state of the art SSL sound desk. ICC are the first company in the UK to install this equipment which Delirious? will have at their disposal. The band used ICC Studios back in 1999 during the recording of their 'Mezzamorphis' album.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to watch Delirious? at work in the studio thanks to the band's very own Webcam on A message on their official website reads: "For the duration of the week of January 10th the band will be tucking into some brand new material. Who knows how it will end up - who knows how many fresh fruit and herbal breaks they'll take - but hey, that's rock n roll."

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