Delirious? Showcase Two Songs From Their New Album At Local Gig
Last modified: 02 Jul 2005

Delirious? Showcase Two Songs From Their New Album At Local Gig Delirious? performed two songs from their forthcoming new album at a concert in Horsham, West Sussex last night (2nd July). 'Now Is The Time' and 'Paint The Town Red' were performed for the very first time at a public concert as the band played at the National Revival Center in Horsham, just 30 minutes from their hometown of Littlehampton.

The new Delirious? album is due for release in November and the band spent some time practicing two of the new songs ready for their first public apperance. They had only previously played 'Now Is The Time' at their home church. The song is a medium tempo worship song certain to be as much at home in church congregations as it is in a secular concert setting. "Now is the time for us to shine, Shine with the face of Christ divine" sings the chorus.

'Paint The Town Red' is a full blown rock song, with shouted lyrics which say "We're gonna paint this big old town Red, With the Blood of Jesus". The track features trademark Stu G guitars and resounding bass and drum beats. For more about the new songs, and full details about the Horsham concert check out the review.

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