Spanish Album 'Libertad' Released In North America
Last modified: 07 May 2003

Spanish Album 'Libertad' Released In North America The first Delirious? album to be recorded in a language other than the band's native English, has now been released in North America. Last year Martin Smith rerecorded vocals of twelve classic songs from the band's 'Cutting Edge' album in Spanish. The resulting album, 'Libertad' which translates in English as 'Freedom', was released in North America yesterday (6th May) following it's UK and World release in November 2002.

Martin recorded the Spanish vocals in England with the assistance of a Mexican vocal coach and a couple of Spanish backing singers. Explains Martin, "When I was asked if we wanted to record an album of the Cutting Edge songs in Spanish... I immediately said 'yes' not knowing what was ahead, and then, amazingly, the album Libertad arrived."

'Libertad' has a potentially huge target audience in the USA, with more than twenty-two million Spanish speaking Americans. The songs on 'Libertad' were all originally recorded between 1993 and 1995, and appeared on the first Delirious? album, 'Cutting Edge', which was certified Gold in the USA in 2001 with sales in excess of 500,000.

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