Delirious? 2004 - Review of the Year (
Last modified: 30 Dec 2004

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 30 Dec 2004

With their latest album 'World Service' having been released just two weeks before the end of the previous year, 2004 started off with Delirious? on the road in the UK with a Ten-Day World Service Tour. The tour gave the band a chance to introduce fans to the new songs and set the trend for the rest of the year.

January also saw the release of a compilation CD titled 'In The Name Of Love', which featured Delirious? performing a cover version of the U2 classic, 'Pride'. The CD went on to raise huge amounts of money for various charities in support of HIV and AIDS. February started with Delirious? shooting a video for the song 'Inside Outside' which was set to be released as a single in Germany later in the year.

'World Service' was finally launched in the USA in February, and instantly landed top review from the media and a successful radio hit in the form of 'Rain Down'. March had Delirious? making three separate weekend trips to the US to perform at various 'Acquire The Fire' events. The same month they also found time to release 'World Service' in Germany, as well as their first ever single outside of the UK, 'Inside Outside'. A special media showcase in Munich launched the CD and it gradually climbed the charts.

By the end of April, 'Inside Outside' had stayed in the German Charts for seven consecutive weeks, a colossal achievement for a relatively unknown band. For Delirious? the majority of April was taken up with a huge 17-date three week US 'World Service' Tour. During the tour they were supported by 'Rock n Roll Worship Circus' and the 'David Crowder Band' as the American fans had their opportunity to witness the new 'World Service' songs.

In May Delirious? played three concerts in the UK, including the Ultimate Event in front of 12,000 at the UK's biggest theme park 'Alton Towers'. The band also returned to Germany in May to perform at two major festivals, Himmelfahrt and MaiDay, and also at the Arena of Sound event in June. Delirious? made their first ever trip to Mexico in June as they took part in the 'Global Expedition' mission. The band visited Juarez, Mexico's fourth largest city, to join the mission run by Teen Mania.

On two days in June Delirious? broadcast live to various US radio stations directly from their UK headquarters, carrying out interviews and performing tracks from their World Service album.

A busy July saw Delirious? performing concerts in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, England and the USA as they started their summer of festivals. August contained both highs and lows, with Delirious? travelling to Athens in Greece to perform at a concert as part of the Olympics. This was followed by a series of UK festivals resulting in the lowest point of the year for Delirious?, and one of the worst moments of their lives as a terrible accident occurred at the Grapevine Festival in the UK. A stand collapsed as the band were on stage, leaving several members of the audience with injuries, thankfully none of them life threatening.

In September the second Delirious? single in Germany was released. 'Every Little Thing' reached number 2 in the air play charts following a successful appearance at the SWR3 New Pop Festival.

The biggest UK Tour in three years took place in October as Delirious? embarked on the 14-date 'World Service UK Tour'. With support again provided by Rock and Roll Worship, plus Taylor Sorensen, and a huge video screen showing several brand new videos, the tour was a massive success. Many dates sold out and the final night of the tour in Belfast was broadcast live online and on UCB radio.

'Unified:Praise', a live CD/DVD featuring both Delirious? and Australia's Hillsong band, was released in November. The album had been recorded the previous year in Sydney in front of 20,000 fans and including live performances from both bands. In the same month, Delirious? again returned to the USA for five concerts, before travelling to Germany in December for a four date tour.

The year ended for Delirious? in traditional style as they performed their annual Christmas Show in London. It rounded off one of the busiest years the band have ever had, with 83 concerts covering 8 different countries. There were 38 concerts in America alone, and a further 31 in the UK. The ever increasing popularity of Delirious? in Germany was signified by 8 concerts in the country, with 5 other concerts taking place around Europe. The album 'World Service' has certainly lived up to it's name in 2004 as Delirious? made every effort to take their music around the world.

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