GLO (Sublime)
Last modified: 18 Jul 2000

Source: Sublime
Author: Billy Kennedy
Date: 18 Jul 2000

Well here it is - the latest offering from Delirious? - their new album 'Glo' (short for 'glorious' or is it 'glow'?).

This album will take you by surprise, so get ready!

It could be the gregorian chanting that opens the album with a rendition of Psalm 63. A version that will no doubt have King David tapping along to. Or it could be the bagpipes in 'Awaken the Dawn', or the incredible spontaneous ending to some of the tracks, an eerie reminder of 'Live & in the Can', (meaning some tracks last 8 or 9 minutes).

There are the usual D? trademarks - Stu G's guitar driven melodies, Martin's honest, vertical lyrics and the quality of production rating it right up there with the best the industry has to offer.

For those questioning the direction of the band, lyrics such as, 'Jesus, I love you, Jesus, I adore you Jesus, you still have my affection', will leave you in no doubt that the same intimacy that has pervaded all they've done re-surfaces for all to experience. There are also tracks to have you leaping around your lounge, fists in the air, with lines like 'God will save the day', giving a generation hope in a chaotic world.

It truly is a magnificent album finished off by 'Jesus Blood', previously only released in the US, with a brilliant final track of spontaneous music that will leave you with a sense of awe and wonder. To hear it is to believe.

A final word for all you budding worship leaders and musicians out there - the standard has just been raised - again!

Available July 29th in UK.

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