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Last modified: 31 Jan 2009

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 31 Jan 2009

Over the 15 or so years that Delirious? have been together there has been no shortage of live albums and DVDs, but there is a special poignancy about My Soul Sings. The band traveled half way around the world to the perhaps unlikely setting of Colombia's capital city Bogota especially to record this live CD and DVD, in front of an adoring crowd of more than 12,000 fans. The Latin American spirit is very much in evidence throughout the 75 minutes of the DVD, but even more evident is the realisation that this is a farewell to the legion of Delirious? fans around the world. Paying tribute to their remarkable career, My Soul Sings dips into the even more remarkable catalogue of songs Delirious? have become famous for over the year. Whilst heavily leaning towards their most recent studio album Kingdom Of Comfort, older favourites from the likes of their ground breaking King Of Fools, Mezzamorphis and Mission Bell albums are also included.

Starting with a gently soaring camera shot over the wide expanse of crowd, upon whose outstretched arms a sea of digital cameras and phones points stagewards, the DVD quickly see Delirious? appearing out of the blue mist, with the gently strummed opening notes of Rain Down gradually leading into the more frenzied pogo-stick opening. There are plenty of smiles from the band, who are dressed in matching grey suits. The big, open stage with an enormous crowd stretching far into the distance, bouncing, jumping and singing excitedly, makes for an impressive sight. The excellently timed visual edits, switching from band member to band member, sliding into view in time to the beat, looks slick and professional.

One slight complaint is that the stage seems slightly too dark, none more so than during God Is Smiling, where just the occasional yellow beams of light highlight Martin as he shows off a few words of Spanish. Bliss comes next with its roaring flurry of camera shots, starting with Martin in black and white singing through a megaphone, before bursting into colour with pulsating pink and green lights for the chorus as Martin and StuG crazily thrash around the stage with their instruments.

With its stunning keyboards and sparkling visual effects in the background, Love Will Find A Way is superb. By now Martin's face is dripping with sweat, but things calm down a little as they move on to All God's Children. A translator echoes Martins words in Spanish as he introduces a choir of young children, all dressed in white, who join the band on stage for the duration of the song. Martin is then seen moving to a smaller stage to one side, switching on a lamp, and sitting at the keyboard to sing the beautiful ballad How Sweet The Name on his own, until the rest of the band join in towards the end.

History Maker features some slightly strange on-screen writing, showing a series of phrases: I want to be. me. surprised by hope. different today. an influential nobody. Some might consider this slightly distracting, but before long we see the pulsating crowd almost absorb Martin as he stands on their shoulders to read from his bible.

The superb anthems Break The Silence and Deeper keep the concert burning, before Majesty arrives with its chorus sung in Spanish by Martin, brilliantly accompanied by the appreciative crowd. Returning to the more conventional English lyrics for the verse, Delirious? again leave the crowd to sing the chorus in their native tongue.

Paint The Town Red is given a visual overlay of static and distortion, and then the band are seen walking off stage into their dressing room, reappearing shortly afterwards, this time dressed in matching white suits. They return to the stage for the encore, beginning with Kingdom Of Comfort as Martin sits on a mock throne, wearing a mock crown and robe.

During Stare The Monster Down a split screen is used to great effect, showing multiple images of the band. Flames appear on the video screens at the back of the stage for the guitar bridge as Martin introduces the band members to the crowd. All to soon the last song arrives. Finishing with the stunning My Soul Sings, Stu's echoing guitar riff builds to a climatic finale that highlights just why Delirious? will be missed so much once they call it a day later this year. The band link arms and take a final bow center stage, bringing this intensely passionate performance to a close.

Both visually and musically this is a magnificent package. Superb camera shots flow perfectly with a great mix of close ups and long shots, emphasising the size of the huge crowd gathered to watch the show. You can't help but be touched by the music and the deeply impressive feel of this DVD. A worthy representation of the exquisite live Delirious? experience.

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