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Last modified: 27 Jun 2001

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 27 Jun 2001

'Audio Lessonover?' - Release Date: 6th August 2001

Waiting For The Summer
- 3:25 - 4/5 stars
"I see you smile, see you lighting up the sky, through the rain love will shine for you and I"
The first single to be released from the new album and another chart hit for the band. This upbeat summery feeling love song has a real pop vibe to it with a catchy chorus of "Waiting For The Summer, we'll be laughing, we'll be dancing..." and ending with "its a beautiful day". The constant lalala's in the backing track can be a little off putting to begin with, but overall its a nicely put together catchy pop song.

Take Me Away - 3:24 - 5/5 stars
"I'm in love with a girl, everybody seems to know. I sing it loud, sing it 'coz I'm feeling proud, oh yeah this is love"
Starting with a simple keyboard melody the song crashes into life with a pounding drum beat and stunning guitars. From the opening line Martin's voice takes on a blistering expressiveness, unique and yet familiar, instantly likable. Certain to be one of their biggest chart hits so far when it is released as a single. Once again the song is built around the catchiest of choruses; "You take me away to another place. Show me a way to a higher place", almost pleading rather than stating. More rock than pop, yet still a song of love mixed with emotion. The drum solo in the middle leads straight into a classic Stu G guitar moment as good as you've ever heard. It will be buzzing around your head all day. Without doubt the strongest song on the album, quite possibly their best track to date.

Love Is The Compass - 3:32 - 3/5 stars
"We've only just begun, feel your hand upon my shoulder... Your love it is the compass of my heart"
A song of guidance and an appreciation of love. The lyrics seem to repeat in a short cycle but it has the feel of a much bigger song. The string accompaniment fits well and the Stu G vocals add a new twist just as the song seems to have settled into a routine. Enjoyable to listen to, easy to sing along to but seemingly lacking the lyrical depth to match the musical aptitude.

Alien - 4:21 - 4/5 stars
"Who will sing a different song? I hope to God it won't be long.. Show me a way to a higher place. Why does the sun shine on my guilty face.."
Simply stunning. Sounding slightly reminiscent of Radiohead, crashing, sliding and echoing into spectacular vocals, moving guitars and resounding drums. Builds on the haunting aspects of the Mezzamorphis album with an added level of elaborate maturity and further dimensions of affection. A demonstration of the full force of Martin's emotion, emphasized further by the passionately blazing guitar effects.

Angel In Disguise - 4:32 - 5/5 stars
"I've never known love like this. Maybe you're an angel in disguise. Call my name somebody take me away, rescue me completely."
This track starts out with a beautifully mellow sound reaching towards a resounding chorus of "Rescue me completely". This leads to a complete standstill broken only by the gentle tones of a piano, producing an incredible stillness. Undoubtedly a highlight of future live performances, this anthemic ballad will leave you breathless. The acoustic feel throughout leaves a lasting impression of gentleness and affection.

Rollercoaster - 3:46 - 3/5 stars
"What is going on living on this rollercoaster"
Twisting and turning through unexpected corners, lifting and dropping through peaks and troughs, this song lives up to its 'Rollercoaster' title. The fantastic bass line plays throughout and the flute-like keyboards float in and out at various stages. This song somehow manages to mix the high-tech background sound from Mezzamorphis with the vocals of the quieter Glo songs.

Fire - 3:35 - 4/5 stars
"Holding on to everything we have. Say goodbye to everything we love. I-I-I-I believe.."
Straight away this track has a much heavier sound than any other song on the album. A cross between U2 and Radiohead with a chorus of "I believe" sung by multiple male voices. Contrasting between screaming guitars and echoing voices, a brilliantly put together mini masterpiece.

There Is An Angel - 5:15 - 4/5 stars
"There is an angel and she's watching over me. There is an angel and she's lying next to me"
A softly sung ballad featuring astounding instrumental backing and emotion filled lyrics. A simple drum beat marks time while gently played guitar and keyboards help to create the soothing mellow mood of the song.

Bicycle Gasoline - 4:55 - 5/5 stars
"I'm a stranger with the one I love, she's so beautiful she's sent from above. I'm in love with the beauty of my youth... She don't need no bicycle gasoline... I remember when I wasn't this way, you were complete when you found me astray"
Another quieter track where the slow pace gives plenty of time to admire the exceptionally clever lyrics. Stu G echoes Martin's vocals and the tune intricately matches them word for word the whole way through. Everything about this track emits quality.

A Little Love - 4:10 - 3/5 stars
"When sadness feels so slow and hope just runs low, all you need is love, just a little love to get us through"
Stu and Martin share the singing half and half in this track. Once again a little short on lyrics, but catchy and enjoyable none the less. Slower verses lead into a chorus of faster tempo with acoustic sounding guitars accompanying.

Show Me Heaven - 3:23 - 4/5 stars
"I am not alone, there is nowhere I can run to on my own. Here, never from your side, lighten up my darkest hour, shine your light."
Chosen as the b-side to the first single taken from this album, this rock track features everything you could ask for. The subtle bass line, striking beat and beautifully sung lyrics are clearly evident. Martin's cry of "Come on Stu G" is met by a superb guitar solo and this is bound to be another track that will thrill when played live.

America - 3:29 - 2/5 stars
"America you're too young to die. England you're too old to cry. He's got the whole world in his hands. India you're too hurt to cry..."
Probably the least exciting track of the album. Seemingly a song for all the world, mentioning as many countries as possible. The song improves as it progresses to a climax with the words "Where can a man go who's fallen to his knees" at which point the music really begins to take off. Unfortunately the end is reached shortly after, without continuing to build on its impressive ending.

Stealing Time - 7:55 - 3/5 stars
"I need a lonely day with you sometimes. I need to get away with you sometimes... Stealing time to be with you"
Slow and haunting, searching and thought provoking. A majestically sublime track the swirls around your mind. The moody atmosphere and fragments of instruments drifting in and out may not be to everybody's liking, but it is further evidence of the diversity of the album.

Hidden Track - 2:02 - 3/5 stars
"Just like a tambourine, I am making art.. I can't fake it, I just make it. All around the world"
This short track, hidden away after a two minute gap at the end of Stealing Time, is a Stu G solo. Perhaps inspired by Stu's infamous "Making Art" hidden photos on, this slow paced track with its guitar accompaniment has amusing lyrical content. An interesting end to the album!

A fantastically diverse album with a mixture of pop and rock, quiet and loud, soothing and stimulating music. Builds on the best parts of previous albums Glo and Mezzamorphis, and adds a whole new dimension. The way forward is exciting to listen to. Something for everyone.

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