Audio Lessonover? (Christian Herald)
Last modified: 08 Sep 2001

Source: Christian Herald
Author: Peter Dilley
Date: 08 Sep 2001

Rock with a spiritual edge

To thousands of fans and interested onlookers, Delirious? remain the principle Christian torch-bearers in the UK music industry, maintaining a pattern of album releases which swings, pendulum-like, between worship and mainstream-orientated material. With the Bon Jovi tour as its launchpad, Audio Lessonover? falls into the latter category - spiritually undergirded mass-market rock.

Already showcased as singles, Waiting For The Summer and Take Me Away set the scene - love songs by any definition, but "show me the way to a higher place" signals a need for an extra dimension besides mutual attraction and the desire for companionship. Love Is The Compass expresses human vulnerability: "I tried to save the world, but it fell upon my shoulder... Falling down, be there for me when I start to drown"

Alien wrestles with age-old questions of being in a fallen world, but not of it: "I feel a stranger in this land... where children wander fatherless.. I grieve... Take them away to a higher place." And there's prayer for the nations too: "America, you're too young to die; England, you're too old to cry; He's got the whole world in his hands... Everybody come on, it's time to sing a new song." (America)

Challenging listening for all.

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