Audio Lessonover? (HMV)
Last modified: 01 Jul 2001

Source: HMV
Author: unknown
Date: Jul 2001

Released on their own Furious? label, 'Audio Lessonover' is the first full-on release from Christian rockers Delirious? since 1999's 'Mezzamorphis'. Including the singles 'Waiting For The Summer' and 'Take Me Away', 'Audio Lessonover' is a fantastically diverse album. With a mixture of pop and rock, quiet and loud, each song comes vacuum-packed with a musical ingenuity and integrity that's plain to see - and impossible to resist. Produced by Chuck Zwicky (whose talents worked wonders for Semisonic, Prince and Madonna), 'Audio Lessonover' has a fresh sound that will delight diehards and attract new converts in droves.

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