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Last modified: 12 Oct 2002

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 12 Oct 2002

'Touch' - US Release Date: 19th November 2002

In August 2001 Delirious? released their fourth studio album in the UK, 'Audio Lessonover'. After more than a year of waiting, North American fans finally get their chance to hear the latest sound from Delirious? in the form of the international version of the album, now renamed 'Touch'. Making up for the long wait, 'Touch' turns out to be a very special double-CD album. Disc One consists of a slightly reworked version of the UK album 'Audio Lessonover?' with a few tracks missing, a few remixed and new song 'Touch' added. Disc Two is a specially recorded live bonus disc of treats, put together to give a taste of what makes Delirious? such an exceptional live band.

Disc one opens with title track Touch, a song which first appeared on the UK 'Deeper EP' single in 1997 and was later remixed for the US compilation album 'Roaring Lambs'. This version of the song is similar to the compilation version but is nearly a minute longer, with an extended introduction and ending. It also has added guitars in the chorus and a few other changes. The second song, Love Is The Compass, has been completely reworked since it's appearance on the UK album. The main changes seem to centre around additional guitar pieces, superbly blended in between the lyrics.

The tracks making up the middle section of the album all remain unaltered. Fire scorches, Alien radiates, and Angel In Disguise tugs at the heart strings. The soothing Rollercoaster is next up before Show Me Heaven and Take Me Away rock their way along. The other song on this album to have seen action in the editing studio is Waiting For The Summer. The female "la la la" vocals have hit the cutting room floor, replaced by additional guitar segments. This also makes room for Stu G's backing vocals to take on a more prominent role. The remixing greatly improves the song.

To end the disc, the eerie and haunting Stealing Time plays on for the best part of eight minutes. It is unchanged from its UK version, but does lack the hidden track which closed 'Audio Lessonover?'. Despite missing four songs from it's UK equivalent, 'Touch' remains a strong album with moments of reflection, passion and unquestionable faith.

The Bonus Disc contains six songs all recorded at various concerts on the band's recent tours of North America:

Deeper (5:01)
Drifting through the loud cheering crowd, an extended guitar introduction starts this classic fan's favourite. The strong drum beat and screaming electric guitar have a much rawer sound in the live rendition of Deeper. Half way through the crowd take over the vocals with a resounding chant of "How long do we have to wait, How long?". Martin then asks the crowd "Are we going all the way?" before Stu G's guitar solo breaks through the responding cheers.

My Glorious (6:18)
As so often happens at a concert, the next song starts with hardly a pause. The heavy guitar and bass intro quietens as Martin sings the opening line. The beauty of a live recording is that backing vocals are provided by hundreds of voice and this song is no exception with an unfaltering audience showing they know all the words. The final minute of the song features Martin leading the crowd in a quiet and moving rendition of the chorus, accompanied by a few strums from his guitar.

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble (8:39)
One of the oldest Delirious? songs but one that stills gives the soul a huge lift every time you hear it. Once again Martin is able to leave the singing to a word perfect crowd. Individual efforts from Stu G (guitar) and Tim Jupp (keyboards) stand out in the middle of the song as does Jon Thatcher's bass lines which accompany the crowd for a while. The song comes to an end with clapping marking time to the guitar finale.

What A Friend I've Found (5:01)
This song takes an acoustic approach, with a single guitar picking out the notes perfectly, emphasising Martin's emotional voice. The crowd join quietly in the background for the repeated line: 'Jesus friend forever'.

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (5:10)
Introducing 'I Could Sing' Martin says to the crowd "This next song seems to have taken us completely by surprise. And it seems to have spread all around the world and is sung in many different places". Updated in 2001 for a best-of album, this new version has a much moodier feel to it. Later in the song Martin switches seamlessly into Spanish and gives us a taste of 'Libertad', the Delirious? album recorded with Spanish lyrics.

There Is A Light (4:42)
'There is a light' is not so much a song, more a simple cry of love. A stirring note from the keyboards provides the only backing to the short but repeated lines "There is a light that shines in the darkness, His name is Jesus". Booming out of the quietness comes a voice quoting a paraphrased version of the parable of the lamp on a stand, before moving into the Lord's prayer. These parts are taken directly from the first live Delirious? album 'Live & In The Can', and bring the bonus disc to a powerful and thought provoking ending.

As if six fantastic live tracks weren't enough, the bonus disc also doubles as a CD-Rom. Simply load the disc into your computer and you have the choice of three different music videos to watch. Take Me Away is a bright, fast moving video showing the band in a studio filled with coloured screens. The second video Sanctify is a live performance of the song filmed in 1997 at London's Wembley Stadium. The final video I Could Sing of Your Love Forever is something a little bit different. It contains a montage of clips charting an entire year in the life of the band complete with footage from various concerts around the world, including the band's tour with Bon Jovi and behind the scenes at photo shoots.

'Touch' combines the new and experimental sounds on disc one, with the classic live worship experience on the bonus disc. The outcome is an album that shows all the best aspects of Delirious?

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