US Release of 'Archive:d' DVD is Delayed
Last modified: 26 May 2003

US Release of 'Archive:d' DVD is Delayed The first ever Delirious? DVD, titled 'Archive:d', is set to be released in the UK this Saturday, 31st May 2003. However, despite earlier indications to the contrary, it has now emerged that due to contractual reasons fans in the USA will have to wait several more months before they can purchase the DVD.

When news of the DVD first appeared on the band's official website, a statement read: "There are no staggered release dates here, just one almighty big bang as we launch on May 31st". Despite this, the band's record company, Furious? Records, have now confirmed that due to the distribution agreement they have in the USA with EMI/Chordant, they will not be able to ship the DVD to the USA at this time.

Instead 'Archive:d' will be released in American stores later this year. Although no firm release date has been set yet, Furious? hope this will be in September 2003. Fans in the UK can now order 'Archive:d' ahead of it's release, from the shop priced at £12.

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