Now Is The Time (
Last modified: 07 Jul 2005

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 07 Jul 2005

CD: Now Is The Time - Promotional Single - NOWCD01P


1. Now Is The Time (Not Finished Version)
2. Inside Outside (AudioStar Radio Mix)
3. Inside Outside (Video CD-Rom)

'Now Is The Time' [4:17]
'Now Is The Time' starts with a medium tempo drum beat and a slightly distorted guitar playing a tune. Then Martin's vocals kick in with the first verse, "The winds are blowing through again", sung smoothly and steadily. As he reaches the final line of the verse; "And we won't give up the fight", the drums start to increase in intensity launching into the chorus, "Now is the time for us to shine", with Martin's voice getting slightly stronger.

The pace reverts back again for the second verse, "The river's running through again", before once again increasing for the chorus. As the chorus ends the song seamlessly moves into a much faster bridge, "Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus", accompanied by a multitude of backing vocals.

Martin then sings a series of urgent sounding longer lines, "I want to follow but what does it mean", whilst in the background the backing vocals repeatedly chant "Jesus, Jesus". When this ends Stu executes a superb guitar solo lasting a full 30 seconds, before the song returns to the chorus.

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