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Author: Dave & Melissa Wood
Date: 23 Nov 2002

'Access:d - Live worship in the key of d:'
UK Release Date: 30th November 2002

'Access:d' is the third live album from Delirious?, following on from Live & In The Can (1996) and d:Tour Live (1998). So, it's all be done before and this is nothing new right? Wrong! More than four years on from their previous live recording, this double-CD album is the ultimate live experience containing 20 songs covering the best of the band's entire back catalogue, with tracks being performed from all five of their studio albums: Cutting Edge, King Of Fools, Mezzamorphis, Glo and Audio Lessonover? Recorded mainly during the 2002 June and July US Tours and with some older material too, 'Access:d' demonstrates why Delirious? are so highly respected as live performers.

Before you even get as far as listening to the CD, the first thing that impresses about Access:d is the fantastic packaging. The case is a square tin-can with a hinged lid. Inside, the booklet folds out to include photos from various gigs all over the world. Additional niceties like the band's passports and airline tickets are also worked into the design.

Disc One:
Access:d Part 1
As the rapturous applause subsides, Martin sets the scene for the album by slowly singing a line from the song 'Touch', "And when you Touch my life, I've been born again". In the background a deep rumbling sound emerges, rocketing into an introduction to the first song...

Deeper (4:19)
Guaranteed to warm up any crowd, 'Deeper' simply errupts like a musical volcano coming to life. The robust drum beat and screaming electric guitar give a more raw sound in the live rendition of the song. Half way through the crowd take over the vocals with a resounding chant of "How long do we have to wait, How long?". Martin taunts the crowd "Are we going all the way?" before Stu G's guitar and Jon's bass ring out through the responding cheers.

God's Romance (5:54)
A thumping drum and thrashing guitar announces 'Gods Romance'. Martin's vocals sing out strongly but are overtaken in volume for the chorus as an energetic crowd join in. The pulsating rhythm is calling out to be accompanied by a bouncing crowd. As the words "Holy is the Lord" are cried out by eclectic voices, the song enters an instrumental cocoon as each band member immerses themselves in the music.

My Glorious (6:22)
As so often happens at a concert, this next song starts with hardly a pause. The heavy guitar and bass intro quietens as Martin sings the opening line. The beauty of a live recording is that backing vocals are provided by hundreds of voices and this song is no exception with an unfaltering audience showing they know all the words. The final minute of the song features Martin leading the crowd in a quiet and moving rendition of the chorus, accompanied by a few strums from his guitar.

Access:d Part 2
Against a silent background a few quiet words can be heard; "Send Your glory" sings Martin followed by "Glory, Glory in the highest", taken from the song 'Blindfold'. A tender guitar joins in as this worshipful moment continues for several minutes.

Love Is The Compass (3:52)
"Your love, it is the Compass of my heart" calls out Martin as this reworked song softly begins. Interspersed with jangling guitar notes, the stunningly sung chorus is pure quality. The slow pace leaves plenty of room for the crowd to pick up the words.
Touch (5:03)
The enchanting 'Touch' is next with its combination of mysterious keyboards and low reverberating guitars and bass. The crowd are once again prominent, accompanying the band perfectly. Just as it seems the song is coming to a close, the drums roll, the bass picks up and the guitars lead into the chrous once more.

Access:d Part 3
As a peaceful stillness settles, Martin spontaneously starts singing "All around the world we're singing, rain down". The band fill in for several minutes with Tim gently leading from the piano.

Follow (4:35)
Barely breaking the silence 'Follow' begins, gradually building and then falling as the band tease the crowd into the song. It begins to feel like a Delirious? jamming session as Martin leads the crowd through the chourus with a beat continuing behind him. This eases into a repeated verse of "Hallelajuah, for white ribbon day".

Happy Song (3:37)
You either love it or you loathe it, however it's impossible to attend a Delirious? gig without hearing a voice in the crowd shouting a demand for the 'Happy Song'. The song was reintroduced into the band's live repertoire a few years ago when they discovered that it could be vastly improved when sung at twice the normal speed. Dubbed as the 'punk' version of the song by fans, 'Happy Song' now has a new lease of life. Jumping is essential, and any hope of keeping up with the lyrics is soon given up as Martin impresses with the speed in which he can sing.

Heaven (4:55)
Weird alien sounding noises and heavy guitars introduce 'Heaven'. The vocals echo over the rock-rich music as "Heaven is my home" leads into a guitar frenzy.

History Maker (8:40)
As a familar synthesized tune begins, Martin proclaims that, "This song is for all the History Makers." Even after performing the song endless times, Delirious? still manage to put the full force of their effort into making this a memorable track. As you would expect, the crowd are loudly audible with regular cheering and singing along with: "Yes its true and I believe it!". Towards the end Martin speaks to the crowd saying "The only safe place to run, is into the arms of God" before leading them into singing "Holy is the Lord".

Disc Two:
Bliss (4:33)
Bounding out with a screeching Stu G guitar master-class which blends into a crescendo of drums. Martin's voice takes on a stubborn tone to sing "I'm not backing down". Unlike the album version, Stu's solo line rings out clear and crisp, and causes a huge cheer.

Show Me Heaven (3:15)
The crowd demonstrate how quickly this song has become known and loved by fans around the world by responding with a loud CHEER in the rhythmic pauses of the 'Show Me Heaven' introduction. Through-out the first verse you can sense the crowd is already gearing up for the chrous, and when it arrives they accompany Martin loudly and proudly. The echoing guitar moments only serve to entice the crowd still further.

Sanctify (4:43)
Delirious? are at their finest in this song. The heavy intro makes way for Martin's quiet prayerful opening lines. Close your eyes and it's easy to picture a sea of out-stretched hands swaying in time to the chorus of "come to me, rescue me, fall on me with your love".

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (4:27)
Updated in 2001 for a best-of album, this new version of the classic worship song has a much moodier feel to it. The atmospheric keyboard notes float, while the strong beat and bass chords provide an uplifting demeanour. Later in the song Martin switches seamlessly into Spanish and gives us a taste of 'Libertad', the Delirious? album recorded in Spanish. The 'United Colours Of Sound' choir provide even more depth to the track.

Take Me Away (3:37)
Quirky notes from Tim's keyboard announce the arrival of possibly the best of the latest batch of songs from Delirious? The almost acoustic sounding guitar allows an easy transition from CD to live audience for this crowd pleasing, rock sounding, energy pumping demonstration of diversity. The highlight of the entire album comes as the rest of the band make way; first for Stew to showcase his entire drum kit in a true 'rock moment'; closely followed by the Clapton-esque guitar genius of Mr Stu G.

Fire (3:56)
If you can't get enough of those guitar sounds, the next song is for you. Introducing 'Fire' Martin describes Stu as "Mr revival guitar man himself!". With earthy drums resounding, the lead vocals switch from deep to high pitches, in all the right places. Sounding like a crowd at a sports event, the chorus of 'I, I, I, I believe" is sung admirably by the entire audience.

Everything (4:54)
"It's a beautiful day" sings Martin earnestly as he directs his words towards heaven, "What can I do, but give all I have to you?" Taking on a more pensive feel than the previous songs, 'Everything' still manages to show evidence of the emotion Martin's voice is capable of. With the song practically finished, the crowd are left to sing a repeated chant of "You are the light that shines in me".

King Of Fools (3:23)
Anyone who saw Delirious? on their Fire tour will have already encountered the unexpected rare treat of a completely solo effort by a man who doesn't usually take centre stage. Accompanied only by his semi-acoustic guitar, Stu more than holds his own to sing 'King of Fools' in a bluesy club mannor. Stunning is the only word that can desribe it, as the note perfect voice beautifully combines with his guitar strumming.

Jesus Blood (4:35)
Picture the scene: the lights are low as Tim sits behind his electric Rhodes piano, Martin takes up his place on the stool next to it. Out of the darkness comes the prayerful line "Jesus blood never fails me". The delicate, almost fragile nature of the song is captured perfectly in this recording.

Hang On To You (5:50)
Singing unaccompanied, Martin's voice is slightly croaky as he begins with "I'll hang on to you, nothing in this world can see me through". The slow pace is kept up as the band join in for the rest of the first verse, but by the time they reach the chorus both tempo and volume has increased. The second time around the crowd are encouraged to join in before the song quitens right down again for the bridge. Backing "laaalaaa" vocals are provided by the crowd and as the song ends the music fades out.

Access:d Parts 4, 5 and 6
The spontaneous section on the second disc starts with a few repeated lines consisting of the words "If we'd ask, You would come, Send your rain on everyone". A shower of cymbals then makes way for a single verse of "Open up the doors and let the music play" from the song 'Did you feel the mountains'. Martin speaks a few words to unite the fans, asking them to hold hands and join in to sing "We're gonna dance in the river, yeah". A guitar driven rendition of "We'll see Your glory here" from the song 'Lord You Have My Heart' brings the spontaneity to an end.

Investigate (8:12)
Over the past year or so, almost every Delirious? concert has ended with 'Investigate' and this live album continues the trend. The music is stirring and tugs at the heart strings. Unashamedly melodic and emotion intense, Delirious? shine right to the end. It becomes impossible not to lose yourself in the whirlwind that the combined force of drums, guitars and bass stir up in the middle of the song. Words become unnecessary as the instrumnetal nature of the track brings a remarkable album to a close.

You could not ask for more from a live album. All of the big hitting favourites are included, along with those special spontaneous live moments, making you feel as though you're standing right there, squashed by the crowd as it clambers to get a better view of the stage.

With a combined total of nearly two hours of music, these two discs showcase Delirious? at their very best and in their natural habitat: Live!

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