Delirious? Plan Free MP3 Singles From Forthcoming Album
Last modified: 03 Sep 2003

Delirious? Plan Free MP3 Singles From Forthcoming Album Over the next couple of months Delirious? will be releasing two free mp3 singles from their forthcoming new album. The band recently distributed free CDs containing an early version of new song 'Majesty' at Christian festivals in the UK, and will continue to build interest in the new album by releasing tracks as mp3's on 1st October and 1st November.

The songs to be released on the mp3 website have yet to be decided. The first mp3 might be the final-mix of 'Majesty', or the band may choose to release two other songs. The mp3 singles will also be accompanied by cover artwork and song sheets that can be downloaded to allow fans to create their own CD singles.

Delirious? have been busy on and off for most of 2003 working on their next album. Recording is now complete and the band will start mixing the album next week with the help of Sam Gibson, who in addition to working with Delirious? in the past, has also worked with mainstream artists including Crowded House.

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