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Last modified: 21 Aug 2000

Source: Jesus Freak Hideout
Author: Cor
Date: 21 Aug 2000

Some bands were created to praise. Some produce quality contemporary or rock songs that glorify God. Some do both. And some do both really well. Delirious just happens to be one of those bands. Glo is yet another Delirious praise album to add to their ever-growing list of praise albums. However, this appears to be unlike the last Cutting Edge projects and is also unlike such albums as last years Mezzamorphis or the 1997 King of Fools. Glo basically seems to answer the question "What would a praise album in the style and feel of Mezzamorphis be like?" However, it's also still so different from the album.

Glo opens with an almost Gregorian chant-like beginning with this pleasant yet haunting sound of voices echoing through the opening of "God You Are My God," a rock praise song that sets the mood of the album and literally rolls right into the next track "Glo in the Dark Part 1," to the point where you have no idea another track is starting without looking at the track time on your player. "Part 1" basically presents itself as a reprise of "God You Are My God" yet still is different enough to get away with being a different song. "God's Romance" continues the praise in almost a live setting at times. The upbeat pop rock accentuates the power and energy of a live performance, later joined by a tasteful choir during parts of the chorus. The complex arrangement of sounds and musical instruments makes Delirious' music even more pleasing to the ear. "Investigate" slows things down some, creating a mildly dark, moody setting with a tame pulse beat and acoustic guitar that is soon replaced by what reminds me of 80s metal/rock electric guitar riffs. Although it's bizarre and maybe even seemingly out of place here, it tends to fit and not disrupt the somber mood. "Investigate" stands out as an album highlight. "Glo in the Dark Part 2" creeps up in the same manner as "Part 1," being a continuation of the previous track.

"What Would I Have Done?" is another highlight on Glo, a beautiful ballad with an almost theatrical soundtrack-like feel to it. In some ways, the song could easily be a theme for the Christian's life, pondering "What would I have done if it weren't for Jesus?...". The soft, thoughtful melody is inviting and creates a wonderful worshipful setting. "My Glorious" switches gears with its strong opening rock rhythm. "My Glorious" is a another strong track on the album, but however falls short when the choir is introduced in the background. Unfortunately, the voices don't fit, particularly one (or more) irritatingly high one that stands out from the others. "Hang On to You" is my personal favorite on Glo. Written by lead singer Martin Smith, but first covered earlier this year by label mates Luna Halo, Delirious performs a worthy rock version in comparison.

The album continues to display sweet melodies and worshipful tunes with "Intimate Stranger," and a slightly tweaked version of Mezzamorphis' "Jesus' Blood." The remaining 2 "Glo in the Dark" segments continue the pattern set with the first 2, with "Part 4" closing out the album with a unique instrumental arrangement sans vocals and closing off the project in a surprisingly appropriate way. A good rock album and an even better worship album, Glo is something to look into for the Delirious fan and non alike.

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