'Access:d' Album (Premier Online)
Last modified: 02 Dec 2002

Source: Premier Online
Author: Unknown
Date: 02 Dec 2002

The mid nineties classic album Live And In The Can captured delirious? in the full flush of the early days and acted as a catalyst for a global outbreak of fresh worship songs, bands and worship leaders.

Now fast forward to a new millennium and Access:d follows in the footsteps of that momentous album, but this time serves up a double dose of d: with twenty-five live songs recorded on their North American tour earlier in 2002.

Where Live And In The Can offered an early raw experience of the band live, with the boys wide-eyed and full of fire for the future, Access:d reloads, updates and lays down the very latest d:worship experience. With all the passion you'd expect from a delirious? gig, this album captures the life-blood that has fired the band over recent years and the puts you front and centre, for every song.

The band have played to one million people in the last twelve months and have created a huge live sound, with highlights captured right here on Access:d. There's an incredible eight minute version of Investigate, a rousing Deeper and an incendiary live version of My Glorious. The delirious? rarity Touch has become a highlight in their live set and there are plenty of other surprises along the way (check out Martin's Spanish soiree on I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever!)

With a double CD of anthemic worship songs, inspiring spontaneity and the kind of packaging that have made Delirious? famous. You don't want to miss 'live worship in the key of d'.

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