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Last modified: 24 Jun 1998

Author: David Longenecker
Date: 24 Jun 1998

About 6 months ago, I reviewed an American debut recording by a popular European praise and worship band that was re-writing the book on praise and worship. This cutting edge band (pun intended) began very humbly as a worship team for a small youth gathering on the south coast of England. Their music was so catchy and popular that eventually they began recording it for the folks who attended their worship sessions.

6 years later, they now play around England, including at an outreach event in Wembley Stadium in front of some 45,000 people. Although they deny it, it has been said of them that they are riding the front of a revival that is gradually gaining momentum in Great Britain. Whether they are leading a revival or not, Deliriou5? is definitely leading a worship revolution, with unique, original music that leaves no doubts as to its direction.

One of the most addictive songs on the album is the second, "Deeper." It's got a powerful rhythm that will lodge itself firmly in your mind. But it also has a simple lyrical message of desire to know God more. "And the wonder of it all is that I'm living just to fall more in love with You."

"Revival Town" then injects a bit more rock along with the purpose of the band. "Well I've got a message to bring. I can't preach but I can sing, and me and my brothers here gonna play redemption hymns. We're not on our own you know - it's all around the world, cos this is the freedom generation, living for revival in this time." Amen, brother - songwriters Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard probably just wrote the best definition of my generation of Christians that I have ever heard. That's a revival flame that can't help but be contagious.

Electric guitar squeals a la U2 open and highlight August 30, a ballad that simply sings of their love for God and their gratitude for His love. "Hands of Kindness" then keeps the tempo down and the worship level up with this simple refrain: "How I love You, all I am is You. King of love I bow."

Deliriou5? has a fresh take on praise and worship, and King of Fools is a terrific follow-up to their American debut. If you're in the mood to worship in a whole new way, in a powerfully upbeat way, give King of Fools a listen. But if you're looking for something tame and lacking originality, you're in the wrong place!

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